Esther’s Ongoing Connection to Her Friends From Koletash



To All Interested Readers,

This is the synopsis of week two of my ET Connect class with Lisa. My biggest concern with my new adventure was not being able to tell the difference between my imagination and information I am receiving. It is still a concern but as the week went on I became more confident. Mostly I love when something happens that is so not on my radar. This helps reinforce and trust in what I am seeing and feeling.

The first solo visit I took was back to the Red Planet, aka “The Zone”. I intentioned myself right to the surface of the planet. I could see red rock and some trees, which remind me of evergreens. I pretty much stayed in one place. The two males were there to meet me. They were hard to see so I started focusing on them individually. I started picking up details but could never see the whole body at once and never the head. Their skin was slightly rough and had a scale like look to it. I couldn’t see any clothing. The skin was red but changed color. When I asked male A to send me his personal vibration, the skin of his neck and shoulder area (this is all I could see at the time) changed to green and purple. It was very pretty and very chameleon like. The colors kind of rippled and shifted as it happened. My youngest son has the best laugh. I grabbed a hold of how it sounds and how it makes me feel and shoved it at him. He changed to a peachy color! It was so cool. I also spent time with male B. He had a softer feeling personality and I could make out a square jaw. I asked him to show me something small. He put a “caterpillar” in my hand. I couldn’t see it except kind of a faint shadowy outline but I could feel it. It was just like holding one of those fuzzy caterpillars but three or four inches long. It was crawling on my hand and up B’s arm. I saw a visual of it turning into a big butterfly and flying off. Then A. snapped out a long frog like tongue and ate it! I squealed like a little girl! I was NOT expecting that. I tried to say that his action came from my imagination. But the caterpillar was gone and A. seemed amused. I asked to see something else. B put a rock in my hand. It was dark with shiny sparkly veins of minerals running through it. The rock was the easiest thing that I could see on this trip. It was quite vivid in my hand. Which of course means that my vibration is pretty equal to their rocks. LOL

That same day I went to visit Gloria as well. I couldn’t get to her home where she wanted to meet up. I landed on the planet that I still couldn’t focus on. I could see her enough to know that she was there to meet me. Then she just started to grow bigger! I’m talking forty feet. Of course I don’t understand what is going on. She gets smaller again and I still can’t focus on her enough to see any details. So I ask her to show me something small like I did with the guys on the Red Planet. She also put something alive in my cupped hands. It was soft and moving and I couldn’t see a damn thing! It did sort of feel like feathers. I wasn’t getting anything else so I asked her to show me her home. I got a fuzzy image of a circular or oval room. I could see a curved bench but not much else. There were no designs on it or anything distinctive. It reminded me of an adobe bench that is made out of the some material as the wall. I wasn’t getting anything else so I ended that visit.

The next day I started by popping in on Gloria, for visit number two, by focusing on her bench. She gave me a dry leaf to eat. Say what? Can’t I at least make some tea with it? But I gathered that ingesting something from her world would make my connection to it stronger. I ate it. I tasted nothing. And no, there were no psychedelic side effects. I could tell during this visit that she is bigger than me, by about twice as much. I am hobbit sized next to her. I am assuming that her super expansion from the day before was a demonstration that my previous visual of her was not an accurate representation. She had told Lisa during our first meeting that she had adopted the image she was projecting to make it easier for Lisa to see her. I totally understand. I still cannot see her except for a blue and white gown. I think I asked her what our connection was. She replied that she is my “great aunt”. If you believe that the Pleiadians seeded our planet and therefore are our “parents”; then she would be the offspring of those that seeded the Pleiadian culture (but on another world). Or perhaps the offspring of the “Grandparents” of the Pleiadians would be more correct, since she used the word “great”. Next she gave me a little faceted bead, which I somehow knew she wanted me to snort up my nose. I kid you not! Its final destination was to my “antenna” or pineal gland or something. Up it went and away I went back home to make dinner and cycle the laundry.
The second time I traveled back to the Zone. My two guys met me outside again. I could see them a little more clearly but still nothing at all from the neck up. I worked on trying to learn their names. A’s name sounded like Kawsh to me and B’s name was easier, it is Pim. I asked what they call their planet and Koletash is what ended up in my head. Do I know if any of these names of correct? Hell no, but they seem to be okay with my attempts. I asked if the Zone, as they call it, was a planet or a planetary system or what. I couldn’t understand what they were telling me so I borrowed some hand symbols from charades. I held my hands a few inches apart and said “planet”, a couple hand widths apart “system”, hands a yard apart “larger than a system”. Kawsh clearly gave the “larger than a system” gesture. I asked to see something small and Pim gave me a feather. It was a little longer than my hand and was blue with some purple on it. I asked what the caterpillar, that they showed me from before, eats. They showed me a plant with a large flower on it. I went to stroke to flower petals and it kind of tried to grab my hand. Not in a startling quick way, more like it tried to wrap its petals around my finger and tug it into itself. Kawsh showed me that the leaves behave to same way. They curl up around what touches them. Our little caterpillar must have interesting eating habits. I asked them to show me something else, something they thought was beautiful. They flashed me an image of cloud waterfall-like feature. I couldn’t tell what it was. Was it water or water vapor or clouds? I couldn’t tell. There didn’t seem to be any movement to it. But like I said, I just got a flash of an image. I asked what one of their homes looked like and almost saw a building. It was dark and there was light shining through windows and I got the impression that it was underground. I couldn’t get myself to go there and signed off for the day.

Visit number three to Koletash, a red planet in the Zone, started the next day. I decided to first check out the waterfall-like feature that they showed me yesterday. I still couldn’t quite make out what it was; but I slid down the opening where the “falls” went downward. I went down into a straight shaft cave. It was very deep but there wasn’t much to look at besides rock walls. I went to the bottom and a big river was flowing at the bottom. I jumped in and let the water take me on its journey through the ground. It turned and twisted and went up and down. I wondered if there was any life down there and immediately saw glow-in-the-dark (with neon colors) creatures on the walls and ceiling of the riverbed. I was going quickly and didn’t stop to check out anything in detail. They were like the life that we would see here on Earth in caves or the deep ocean. I suddenly came out at the top of a waterfall that shot out over a large cliff and plunged down to the floor of a large cavern. The cavern was huge and completely underground. There was a light source in the middle of the ceiling of the cavern. I now was just hovering in the air near where the waterfall comes out of the cavern wall. There is a city below on both sides of the river. The city is built up on both sides of the cavern along the walls. It is very reminiscent of southwestern United States style of cliff dwelling or any other arid regions style of building on top of each building in a stair step type fashion. I remembered the sight of the city from my very first visit to this planet! I flew over the city looking for Kawsh and Pim. I sent out the desire for them to wave me down. Sure enough, I found them on a short walled roof top patio. We talked about the city or more like I marveled about it. I asked them about the light source, which I couldn’t focus on to see. I understood that they control the light. I asked them to show me what they eat. They showed me a plate with a few things on it but I couldn’t make them out. I asked to see something else and they showed me a few fruits/vegetable that had assorted shapes and colors. These were easier to see. I asked them what a female of their species looked like. They showed me a similar body to theirs only a little smaller (I still can’t see heads). I said, “So they don’t have breasts.” Immediately I hear, “No they have glands.” And I swear to god glands was said all slow and horny…GLAAANNNDDSSS! LOL I laughed for a while! I asked if they have live birth since they are clearly not human. I saw a fertilized egg/s come out of a mouth. I don’t know if it was a male or female mouth. They then showed me this little platform/box/bed that was in the house. They put the egg/s (I think only 1or 2 at a time) on this platform and it keeps the baby at the right temp and moisture until it evolves into the adult shape (only baby size). The coolest part of this whole amazing experience is that the baby is conscious and able to communicate through this whole process! Is that mind blowingly cool or what? That was pretty much enough for me at that point and I gave out hugs and left.

The next trip out of the solar system took me back to Gloria’s home for my third visit. I sat on the curved bench and she sat on a pillow on the floor so she wouldn’t loom over me I suppose. The first thing she gave me when I got there was a tiny thin piece of metal. I could see it in my hand about an inch and a half long. I couldn’t focus on it very well. It didn’t seem to have any other features, just a straight tiny piece of metal. I kept getting “hair pin” popped in my thoughts. But it didn’t look like a barrette or bobby pin, how was I supposed to make it stay in my hair. Anyway I put it up there anyway and I think it attached to my antenna. Well at least I didn’t have to snort it up there this time! Next I don’t know if it was my idea or hers but I started practicing focusing on objects that she gave me. There was a pillow with a gold and black pattern and different fabric textures. A jack-in-a-box was next with different colors on each side and a head on the Jack that was not a jester. I think it was a snake. There was a little chair and a ring off of her hand. I don’t remember the details of those. I almost saw her face this time. She has large almond shaped eyes that are dark. Her face, from looking directly at her, is wide at across the forehead and a small tapered chin. Her skin is peachy/tan.

I went to see Kawsh and Pim during the next meditation. This was my forth visit to their world. I intentioned myself to their patio. It was night this time. I could see the windows glowing in the part of the city that was across the river. I asked what the temperature was like in the cavern. I could feel the heat on my ears. It is quite hot, uncomfortably so for me. It is also very humid and sauna-like. There was a light behind me and I turned around and saw an open door to a home. I went into a living room, which looked very standard with a couch and coffee table. I don’t know if this visual was so I would know what the room is for or what. Pim was sitting on the couch with Kawsh sitting on something to the left of the low table. I knelt at the table and asked them to show me something. I still can’t focus on them very clearly. Pim gave me some sort of technology that was gold and kind of rolled and curled/flowed around my hand as I turned my hand up and down. I couldn’t see it clearly but it seemed to the like an energetic current. There were no discernable parts. I had no idea what it was! They seemed to be amused by my puzzlement and wonder. Kawsh seemed to show me that they rub in over their skin, which is kind of scale-like if you will recall. So I’m thinking that they were showing me a cleaning tool of some sort. No wonder they thought I was funny! Well, they came to me for humor! My notes then say, “Then they played with me!” Did I elaborate? No. I have a faint memory of tossing the glowing energy tool around to each other. But anything more is long gone.

Visit number four to Gloria started in her home at the bench. I didn’t see her there so I started to tap into the “feel” of the planet, which I have not been able to see at all. I can hear a low sound. I start to see all these black feathers. It confuses me and I open my physical eyes to see if there is a shadow being cast on me or something. Nothing is different from when I had started the meditation. So I go back and start again. This time I can see that its not feathers but faceted black rock. It is just like the look of an arrowhead. There are very regularly spaced oval chips that have been taken out of the rock. And the rock is completely surrounding me. I am in an underground textured chamber. Gloria is with me now. I am rather in awe and just staring around. There are arches and tunnels leading off somewhere. I can see these because there are a few other people down here as well that are moving around with individual lights. Other than that I don’t see any light. I think that the chamber I was in had a deeper section in the middle that had water at the bottom. The deeper section was maybe twenty feet across. I couldn’t tell if it was oval or round or how deep it was. The section I was on stepped down on a path that went around the deep section. The path was 8-10 ft wide. So the room was definitely focused on the hole/sunken section. The resonance that I could hear when I was at Gloria’s was much more distinct and loud. I got the image of a wine glass rim being rubbed. Where the sound came from I don’t know. Maybe it came from something the individuals were doing down there or maybe it came from the planet itself. The faceted walls, ceiling and floor could have easily been cut to amplify the sound or tune it in a specific way. Very interesting! I went back up to Gloria’s and asked her to work on my antenna some more. She showed me that I needed a “satellite dish”. She cupped some small electrical flowing energy in her hand that was kind of cup or ear shaped. I don’t remember her giving it to me but I assume I got it. Back home I went.

The next day I went to visit Gloria first. For visit number five, I decided to try to explore her home a little further. Up to this point, I have been meeting her on the curved bench along a curved wall. I know that across from the bench is a curved surface with no back. Just like the bench I am on it is counter top height for little human me but would be bench height for Gloria. I start to walk around it and it continues on in a horseshoe shape. On the open end are stairs that go down. I hop down to the bottom. It is much brighter down here, to bright for me to see anything. I saw a flash of pillows on the other side of the light but cant make out anything further. I meet Gloria back up on our bench and want to concentrate on something that I want her to see. I think about it for a bit and decide to paint her toenails. I concentrate on all the details like base coat, little decals and glittery stones and topcoat. I have no idea was she thought of her toes. I’m pretty sure I was getting amused indulgence from her about choosing that to show her. She reach out and pulled the hair on my head straight up. This was not painful. It was kind of like static electricity. Then after a bit, she smoothed my hair back down except for this one straight dark grey wire that came out of the top of my head by about a foot. She gave me this little metal piece that was about the size of an old fashioned key. It was brass and the bottom section was a smooth, pencil thick, and round. The top was a little thicker and the same color. It was not smooth but bumpy or ridged in some way. There were also red stones sprinkled around on the top section. It was like a mini finial. I “knew” to screw it onto the top of the wire coming out of my head. We then played that old school ESP game of “guess what’s on the other side of these cards”. Some were numbers and shapes but then she upped the ante to ideas. One that I remember clearly was the idea of a blinking light. She never showed me what was on the other side of the cards. I just told her what I thought it was and then she moved on to the next. When I couldn’t “see” anymore we stopped for the day.

On visit number five to the Zone, I decided to check out the light source at the top of the city’s cavern. I hovered right below it and checked it out. It looked like a big cluster of rectangular crystals. They were completely irregular in layout, sort of like when you dump out a box of French fries. It was warm to the touch but not hot. I turned around and looked down at the city. OMG!!!!! I was really high and the view was stunning to me. I guess I really didn’t know how big this cavern was. I wondered how many people lived down here and immediately received “10,000” as an answer. I, of course, thought that the figure was quite small given the size of the planet. I then had a series of flashes that showed me other underground cities around the planet. I went down to the river and floated in it as it went past the city and around the bend of the cavern. Previously I had seen red light and steam coming from there. I saw that the river met up with volcanic vents and that’s where the heat and humidity, which I felt in the city, were coming from. Now here comes the cool part! On the walls behind the volcanic vents, there are all these arched doorways in many layers going up the walls. It was very coliseum like. I went up and though one. There was a short hall that sloped up a bit and turned just slightly and opened into another big cavern. This one was not as large and wide and the city cavern. But it was Very Bright! When I looked up at the ceiling, I saw three pyramid shaped lights spaced across the ceiling. They were much more precise and uniform than the light source in the city cavern. I understood that they focused the natural light from outside. I think that they grow some of their food in there with the tunnels bringing moisture and heat into this cavern and also are used as access to the different levels and floor for harvesting. I also was told that they hunt on the surface. Wheeeee! That was exciting enough, so I called it a day.

Lisa had suggested that besides going to my new friends respective planets, I could meet all three on their ship. During the last meditation before meeting up with her again I decided to give it a try. I went “back in time” to when the ship was parked just over Lisa’s driveway. I “knocked” mentally and a lift came down out of the bottom of the ship. Now keep in mind that I can’t see any more of the ship than the very bottom few feet. It is silver and smooth and that is about all I know. I went up to a clear walled landing area. I could see (indistinctly) that there were many people going about their business. I call for my three folks and there they were. They took me right into a huge room. We were on a second story balcony. There were people below but I couldn’t see what they were doing. The outside curve of the room was a giant wall of windows (for all I knew). There was blue sky and clouds on all of them. The room was much larger than I would have suspected giving me an idea of just how large the ship was. I asked how high above the Earth we were and then got to watch (from an outside bottom of the ship view) as we quickly ascended into orbit around the planet. I asked how the ship compared in size to our space station. And they showed me an image of them side by side. It would be like the Titanic next to a lifeboat. I asked if my friends had offices or labs or assigned rooms or something? I was taken to Pim’s lab. Gloria was in there with him but not Kawsh. Gloria works with him as a “facilitator”. He studies humans of course! LOL But he said, “not only humans”, just at the moment. I saw a flash of Kawsh’s work area, which meant nothing to me, white pipes in a white room. I got the impression that he is in the “engineering” section. Why is he hanging out with me? He is curious of course. About this time I notice that Gloria is normal human size. I wondered if it was a projection of her body. I was shown that she really does change her body shape to fit on the ship more comfortably. Which I was quite amazed about. She even showed me the pressure feeling of shrinking. I asked how long she could stay that way. It didn’t seem very comfortable. She said a couple of years. What? Damn! I then found myself sitting on a being’s lap who kept growing bigger and bigger until I said, “I feel like a mouse!” Then I suddenly expanded myself so that I was his size! Weird. The feeling of expansion was pretty cool though. I think that Gloria was acting through me during this little demonstration even though everything seemed like my idea. LOL I have no idea why I would have decided to expand myself. But then again, I seem to be having lots of unexpected ideas lately. Kawsh then showed me a representation of the energy source that powers the ship (which was way above my science level). I did ask, “Don’t you use thought and intention to move the ship?” The answer is that they use thought and intention to direct the ship but it interacts with the energy source to get the job done. They don’t need the energy source to just move their physical self. (Perhaps this is why Gloria doesn’t loose her mind; she can leave whenever she needs to.) Gloria then gave me a “hair ribbon”. It was a gold metallic strip that was cut into a fringe along one side. It was rather crunchy feeling. Ahhh Gloria, always adding onto my headgear! I wrapped it around my head and headed home.

Until the next chapter of my adventure,

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  1. Holy cow Batman!!! Is this what I will be experiencing once I make the connection? Not afraid….but how weird is this……what’s the purpose? I guess i’ll find out…..What a f***king adventure!!!!!! Excellent description Esther. What a time. Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2014 15:10:31 +0000 To:


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