Life Beyond Our Stars and Esther’s Continued Adventures!!

going beyond out star system

I never could have imagined in all this lifetime to be playing host to a large variety of Extra Terrestrials.  But that is the way of this crazy path too.  There was a time, I couldn’t fathom doing what I do now.  But that aside, I find it extremely humbling, awe inspiring how much LOVE our friends from the skies have for us, especially their main connections (you) here on earth.

They all seem to really want to help us achieve our next level of advancements, achievements within our energy field within and around our bodies.

I am also understanding too, why “mass disclosure” is not happening anytime in our near timeline (lets say, this year.)  The majority look nothing like us.  We humans create everything in our own image.  Angels look like humans, God looks human, what we cannot fully see with our physical eyes, we create in our own image.  These amazing Beings, not even close to humanoid… save the Pleiadians.  Maybe that is why they (the Pleiadians) are so widely accepted and loved, they do look very much like us humans.

I am finding a good majority of our friends from the stars project images that would allow us to feel comfortable in their connections, once we feel comfortable, they will reveal thru true images.  Talk about your ability to shape shift!!

I am also learning there are dimensions between our dimensions, and Life resides there too.  Planet systems, amazing adventures to be had!!

Ohhhh we have so much to learn and I am so grateful to those reaching out to our friends beyond our stars and learning.  Not only learning, sharing their experiences with all of us.  On that note, I have to thank Esther again for the time and effort she not only puts in to strengthening her connections to her star family, but also writing it all out so we can go along with her and learn… and get excited.

So, without further ado, here is her third installment of her ongoing connections:

To All Eager Readers,

After all the wonderful excitement of the previous week, I wondered what Lisa would want me to focus on next. She asked me to find out what skills or abilities my star friends wanted to teach me that I could use in the physical world. So on my next meditation trip I decided to return to the ship. I zapped myself into the huge room with the big wall of windows. They all showed a night sky with stars. I jumped to Pim’s office and called for Gloria and Kawsh. I asked them what I could learn that I could use in my physical life. They all moved closer to me and then we were standing next to a red rock wall. I was in the Large Cavern on the Red Planet/Koletash. We were up on the wall on a ledge near where the cavern bends and the river meets up with the heat. There were wispy clouds of steam/vapor floating just below us. I sat down on the ledge and then tugged them down with me. They pushed us out in the air. We were just hovering in a cross-legged sit in the middle of the cavern. We sat in a square or diamond shaped pattern and joined our hands palm to palm. They created a hubcap-sized portal in the middle of us. Then they all just tipped forward and quickly, one after the other, disappeared through it. I tried to follow but didn’t go anywhere. So I called them back and they reappeared. I said, “Let’s try again.” This time we all went through. I saw a little bit of starry space and then we were back on the ship in Pim’s office. I was confused! I already know how to travel by intention. What is different here? Ahhhhhhhhhh! I asked about what I could use in my PHYSICAL life. Holy Shit. They are showing me PHYSICAL travel. Crap and Damn! I can barely see them and only hear them on the rare occasion and they want me to physically travel interdimentionally! Before I can work myself up, I hear “ultimate goal”. They mentioned it several times. Thank God, that seems much more reasonable! As long as I don’t stop and think about the topic at hand! LOL. I know I am not close to being able to do that. That’s like operating a space shuttle when I am trying to figure out the pedals on my bike. So I ask about my next baby step. Is there something I can practice now? Everyone seems happy about this. Pim and Kawsh give each other a high five and sparks fly out where their hands connect. When they pull their hands apart, its like invisible taffy is stuck between them. I can feel the tug and the push pull that is going on. Hmmmmmmm. Are we still talking about travel here, maybe traveling to an individual? No, I asked for something I can practice now. I asked for them to show me again. Kawsh flicks his wrist out, just like Spider Man, and an energetic connection zips out. Ohhh, I get it, I can start practicing by connecting to another person physically in this way. Do they want me to practice with them? Nope. I’m to start connecting in this way with humans, maybe send thoughts/images/feelings. This is exciting. I am feeling a little gob-smacked so I give love out and call it a day.

Of course as soon as I stop and think about this, I started swimming in questions. I mean to start off, is this connection actually physically centered in the hand or am I reading too much into that. I have seen Indian artwork that depicts the eye in the palm of the hand. I don’t know too much about that. I do know that there are charkas in the palms and feet as well as the body. Right? Do I already have a connection like this to people in my life? Do I ask permission to connect to someone? Once I’m connected, how do I get someone’s attention? How do I know when I am connected to someone? Will I feel that push pull energy? If it’s an energy I can feel, will I pluck it like a string or tug on it like a rope? I had the ultimate case of swirly brain.

The next day I decide to go back to the ship with my questions. I went to Pim’s office. Nobody else was there. I swear to God he was projecting an image of a goateed male in a white lab coat and pants. I knew it was him. He reached out and took my hand and it was his normal red hand. I think he did that to confirm that it was him. So I went with his new image and started asking him my questions. I asked him about the connection point in the hand that they had showed me yesterday. He brought me in close to him until our foreheads touched. I assumed that he was showing me the comparison between the hand and the third eye. (Now as I’m typing this up, it occurs to me that he was in human form because I still can’t see his head in his natural form. He wouldn’t have been able to bump foreheads without a head! Sneaky, knowing what I’m going to ask before I ask!) I asked if he was saying that the third eye and the hand chakra were the same and showed him an equal sign. He nodded yes. I asked him to touch the part of me where these connections should orient. He waved his hands around in the air. I asked, “Everywhere?” He nodded yes. I asked, “It doesn’t matter?” Another nod yes. He wanted me to send a connection to him. I thought of him and at my physical body I felt the love for him build in my heart. I took that feeling and pushed it to the space ship I had seen the night before.

Side Story: The night before, I was outside checking out the stars. The first thing I saw was this star blinking like crazy and moving all around down by the horizon. It was so obnoxious that I ignored it immediately as a helicopter. I went on saying hi and getting a few movements from a couple of other stars. The whole time that damn helicopter kept flashing away in the corner of my eye. Finally I turned back to it. I’m staring at it and I get this love sent right to me. Well Damn, it’s my ship! I sent them love back, blew them a kiss and a wave and went in for the night to put the kids to bed.

Back to the main story, I returned my focus to my meditative self back at the ship. I am sitting right in front of Pim and he shows me the thread of light going from his heart to mine. It looks like a tube of light about an inch in diameter. I ask how I get the person on the other ends attention. Strum? Tug? I get a head shake No. He shows me a telephone cable; you don’t tug on those. No, I guess you don’t, do you. Thanks Mr. Obvious. We just send information over a phone line and it goes where it needs to go. If it gets to the other end and the other party is busy, we leave a message and it waits there until they are ready to get it. GOT IT. Damn, was that me or did I just make that way too hard?

I went to visit Gloria on my next visit. I envisioned her bench at her home and popped right in. It was hard to focus on her at first. I had been having an emotionally up and down day. I think my personal vibration was as hard to hold as my state of mind. I knew that she was there but I couldn’t really settle into the meditation for a couple of minutes. Finally I reached out for her hand and held it. That helped me settle in a bit. I asked her one of the unanswered questions that I still had. “Is there a connection between me and the people in my life or do I need to consciously create one with their combined knowledge and approval?” She took me out into space and put me on a giant spider web. Pretty clear image, ok I got it. The connections are already there. I asked if I had a connection to her and she highlighted which one it was. My brain ran away on a field trip of ideas and I dropped out of the connection. So I need to start practicing telepathic connection/communication. I don’t really have anyone in my life who I think would feel completely comfortable doing that with me. There are a few who would do it if I asked. But I don’t want to be indulged. I want people who would be in to it. Who would really try, otherwise what’s the point. Neither of us would learn a damn thing. I need people who I could email or text once or twice a day. We need to keep notes on both ends of what we sent and what they received and vice versa. We could use our records to see how we were improving and refine our technique to get better results.

My next meditation was totally weird and I felt very odd about the whole experience. I was still emotionally unsettled the next day when I attempted it and it felt like I was pushing parts of it. Which is a completely vague description. I’m sorry but it’s the best I got. Anyway, when I read my notes on it later, I felt better about it. Maybe it was because the experience was so different than what I have been doing recently. That is my full disclosure before launching in to it.

I wanted to meet all three space friends but on one of their worlds, to strengthen my connection. I chose the Garden Cavern on Koletash. I created a little sitting area on the floor of the cavern and popped myself there. Gloria was there as her natural tall self. I told them I had not been practicing because I didn’t have anyone to practice with. Gloria pulled my hair back with a hair comb and worked on my antenna a bit. Then she gave me a pearl, which I knew to put in my throat chakra. We were all in a circle and they told me to bring who I needed to me. Clearly after the pearl transfer I needed to use my voice. I closed my meditative eyes. My physical eyes were already closed, of course. I verbally called for “All who made contracts with me, before this life, to help me learn in a telepathic way; come to me or bring me to you. I am ready to start.” I opened my eyes in the meditative world and there was something in the middle of our circle. It looked like a grayish black solid box about 18 inches square. It had a glowing giant red light on top. It was about the size and shape of a tub of that fake butter stuff (what’s it called? Margarine.) The light was quite clear but the box was hard to see clearly. My three friends seemed pleased. What the hell do I do with this? I tried pushing on the red light. I did look like a giant button. Nope, that didn’t do anything. The “thing” started rising up into the air. I imagined a couple of legs onto it and grabbed on to one. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to go with it. I looked down at my friends and they are just standing looking up at me. Okey dokey then, I guess I’ll just hang on and see where it takes me. We were nearing the ceiling and I pictured it opening so we could get out. It did and off we went at much greater speed out into space. I wanted a better grip and the leg I was holding on to turned into a hand that looked like it had on a black shiny glove. The hand was quite clear to see. We went streaking across the sky like a comet. We landed in an arid wilderness area on Earth. The box pulled a transformer act and unfolded itself into a robot guy. He led me up a hill to see a city back lit with a sunset. I think it was in California, perhaps even Los Angeles because I did hear the letters L & A. However, as I have never traveled to either California or Los Angeles I have no idea what landmarks I should have looked for. I told him, “Let go see the city.” He took my hand again and we flew over the city until we came to a brown ranch style house. We landed in the front yard and he led me straight in the front door. Apparently he doesn’t believe in knocking. I sent out a telepathic, “Hello, can we come in.” as he is pulling me along. The house was quiet and he led me over to an old lady asleep in an armchair. She had grey hair up in a bun. I knelt beside her and shook her knee until she opened her eyes and looked at me. I told her I was meditating and she replied, “Are you really?” It was a very Matrix-esque type of statement. I, of course, assured her that I was. LOL! I asked why I was there. She got out of the chair and turned and walked toward the kitchen. As she turned and walked away, she appeared as a young woman. I followed her into the kitchen and when she turned back around to look at me, she was the old lady again. She gave me some lemonade from her lemon tree in the back yard. I asked who she was. She looked at me and pointed from her chest to mine, “I’m you.” Well Holy Shit. I had a mental image of a prism flash to me. When our soul comes into our bodies it splits off like the colors of the rainbow through a prism. She was telling me (I think) that she is another part of my rainbow, another part of the spectrum of my soul. She says, “I can make you stronger.” She hugs me and a rainbow of light surrounds us. I got bigger and bigger, larger than her house, and so did she. I pulled myself back down to her back yard and asked what do we do next. Do I stay and chat? She says, “Go.” I put my palm up to hers. I see lightning in a horizontal current that runs along both our arms. I go in the house to find my robot guy; he is standing in the living room still but has now become mostly invisible. I take his hand and ask where to next. He flies us back up to the arid mountains and I make some sort of internal smart-ass quip about “don’t I ever get palm trees”. Boom! We turn immediately south until we get to an island at sunset. There is a small shanty village being back lit this time. Everything is very quiet. I don’t see anybody but a young boy playing outside. He runs to me and gives me a hug and the same thing happens again. Rainbow light surrounds us and I expand and go shooting up in the air. I pull myself back down and thank the kid for whatever the hell is happening. Next we go to India. We land on a crowded street. There is a mother holding a baby girl in front of me. The baby held her arms out to me and I took her and gave her a hug. The mother stood there and smiled at me. This time I had a pulled back view of the rainbow energy and it was in a spiral, like DNA. It curled around us and moved like a sine wave in motion. I gave the baby back and felt larger again but more solid this time. It was more like I was a giant human walking around on the crowded street instead of a metaphysical self shooting up in the air. The Robot dude brought me home and sat down across from my still meditating physical body. I tried to communicate with him. All I could see was his hand, all black and smooth and shiny. I decided to ask him yes or no questions and he could nod or shake his fist in answer. Great, now I’m talking to a hand. It was very Adam’s family or the Munsters. I asked, “Are you a robot?” He shook his hand no. “Are you an entity?” He nodded his fist yes. “Will I see you again?” He nodded his fist yes. Okay then…..hmmmmm, I know some American Sign Language, just some of the alphabet. I asked him his name. His fingers spelled out the first letters. I think that there are more but the first three are ATM. Yes I know! I was like, seriously? Anyway that’s the end of the story. I am excited to have met my very own cash-dispensing machine. At least let me rub your belly Mr. ATM!

I met with Lisa the very next day. She was barely audible and the moment I started telling her my experiences she started coughing up a lung. We rescheduled for the next morning. She was much better by then and the longer we talked the stronger her voice got. Yippee! I didn’t take notes of that meeting (I don’t know why-sloppy) but she said the rainbow energy was important. The exact meaning, because I didn’t write it down, I do not recall. She wants me to meet with Mr. ATM during the coming week. She also said that I am ready to bring my three space friends to me here on Earth instead of me going there (we aren’t talking physically folks). That will be interesting (I hope). She also asked for me to try to see Gloria’s planet, which I have not had a glimpse of up until now. And then she said that she could get me a couple of people to practice telepathy with, if I wanted. “Well sure.” I innocently said. Okay so I’m not that innocent, but I didn’t realize that I would get such an enthusiastic response. She posted something on her Facebook page and by the end of the night I had six new wonderful people to practice with. I hear that the response was greater than that but I guess I ended up with those I was supposed to. I am so grateful to anyone who wanted to help me. I cut it off at six because the number seven kept popping in my head and I make number seven. That is probably about right for the time commitment out of my day. We are setting ourselves up to try to send and receive from each other, individually, once a day. So everybody, in theory, would send six data packets and receive six. So if anybody out there wants to work on their own telepathic muscles, we could easily set up a couple more groups for you to play and learn in. Lets wake up and stretch those ESP muscles. I have a date to meet Pim and Kawsh on their planet in 105 years. I am very excited about it! What should I wear? Maybe Gloria will help me do my hair.

Until the Next Chapter,

For those needing a little extra help in making “contact” I have put together a course to help you focus and strengthening that connection.  Just go to to read about it.  Also, the Soul Gym opens this Thursday (May 1st) and every Sunday we will focus on strengthening our connections to our star family.  Please join us in the ongoing adventures!!

Big (((HUGZ)))) and lotsa ET Love to everyone!!

Lisa Gawlas

One thought on “Life Beyond Our Stars and Esther’s Continued Adventures!!

  1. Hi Esther,

    I would love to practice with you too if you have room for one more. 😉 BTW there’s a great book that explains the process of telepathic communication using your hand/head connection, Pleiadian Principles for Living by Christine Day.

    It has templates and mp3 audio activatons that help with the telepathic connections and other stuff.

    Mega thanx for sharing your adventures! 🙂

    Greetings from Germany


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