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The Adventures of Esther and her Star Family Continued…!

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Note From Lisa:  Let me apologize for being so tardy on getting Esther’s ongoing, amazing connections and sharings out to everyone.  I really need more morning time! lol  But here she is… ❤  Also, we have a new sharer coming up next time.  These adventures/experiences are so amazing.  If you have an ET connection to share, please email me with it, I will get it out here!! (


Hello everybody, my first trip this week was delayed quite a few days. Not only has my physical life been busy but also I wanted to let the new energy that came in with May settle within me. I generally don’t have many symptoms with the incoming energy, which is great. I refer to it as “the Easy Path”. But I guess linking up with my telepathic group as well as the energies of the vastness of the wild black yonder has changed that a bit. I can deal with muscle trembles and a bit of nausea and light-headedness any day. Hell, I’ve been pregnant. Now that is feeling yucky (at least for me).

One of the things I noticed right off after this energetic inflow was the connection between me and my telepathic practice group was stronger. Maybe it just is a result of our continual work, but I could feel their personal energy more strongly when I reached out for them. Now this doesn’t mean in any way that I have been getting better at receiving or sending! LOL. I am learning a lot about how other people receive energy. The other night I had sent Melissa a sunset and she received a diamond. I emailed her that I didn’t see any connection between the two and she sent this reply back.

It makes perfect sense to me. To illustrate why, I need for you to take a bit of a ride with me. Close your eyes and go back to that sunset. Grab a light ray and energetically ride it. Feel into that beam of light. The refraction of the light through water crystals. What do you see? For me, it feels like diamonds. Light bouncing sort of in a billion different directions yet contained. 

The way that she receives energy is so amazingly different than me and I would have never thought that we had connected with that “airmail” if she hadn’t given me her point of view. She receives energy vibrationaly and her examples of her current learning curve are so great I had to share.

I found this with an image someone sent the other day. It was of hearts. The picture of hearts had a bunch of them kinda clustered together. I said butterflies. That person sent me an image of butterflies in the email. To me, at a more elemental level (as these are 1 dimensional images), they looked the same. I am seeing a difference in the experience of what some of us are sending vs receiving. Some are focusing on a picture of something. For me, that’s flat or 1 dimensional. It can be hard to feel for me. Someone else is sending the beach with them sitting on it. That is very mutlidimensional in its energy for me. It also makes it really difficult to dial in on one answer. It’s a sensorial experience on every level. But I can almost smell the experience of that person. I have a hard time dialing in on one thing to reply. I’ve “seen” sea shells. There is no right or wrong answer. The focus is less about the image and more about learning to read different people and the way they are experiencing the energy. Does that make any sense?

Lisa had said last week to me that there is a mind-to-mind distortion field going on between us. This is so easy to see when we all process information so differently. What jumped out for me most about what Melissa wrote above is the part about learning to read different people. I don’t think that it will entirely be a conscious thing, as in Sue felt the warmth of the sun and knew that I had sent her the image of the sun. It will be more like our hearts and brains will “learn” the other person enough to “decode” what is being sent.

I had learned a lot last week from Anton (aka Atom) about how to hear inside of my head. Mainly I just have to know that I can do it. I wanted to visit Gloria and see if I could still hear her when she was in her own space. Last week she came through loud and clear and motherly when she was trying to calm me down. So for my first meditation of the week I went to visit her. I went to Gloria’s room with the horseshoe benches. Right away my vision was clearer. The bench I was standing next to was one solid piece with the wall. There was no space underneath it. The wall just came down and curved out into the bench, which went straight down to the floor. It looked like a natural adobe/mud color and yet was covered with a slick shiny topcoat. I turned around and Gloria was behind me. I jumped up so I could give her a proper hug. I told her I was sorry that I had been scared of the image of her suddenly appearing on my porch. She smiled and said, “It’s to be expected.” So I can hear her! Yippee! It’s fainter and not so “Would you like a cup of tea, dear?” but still very much there. When I say that she smiled, I do not mean physically. She has a very small mouth and I have not seen her really smile. So every time I say that she smiled what I’m really getting from her is a soft energetic humor (and energy smile).

She took a section of the hair on the top left side of my head and started to tug vigorously as she started braiding it. If it had been my real hair I would have been yelling OUCH. I see a metallic flash every once in a while and pretty soon she has this stiff braid about a yard long sticking out off my head. Bare in mind I do not have long hair. She moved to the other side and did it up the same way. I looked like a deranged Pippi Longstockings. I turned my head back and forth and hit her with my braids like a little kid. Then, quite suddenly, like a tape measure retracting they snapped back into my head. “Well that’s more convenient,” I said. “Yes it is” she replied. (I’m sure she didn’t want to put me in time out.)

Now that I can communicate with her I asked her about the bright white light that I couldn’t see through when I had been visiting her before. I asked if it was really bright or if it was my vibrational block, so to speak. She said, “vibrational”. Great! I’m adjusting! “What do you eat?” I asked her. “Microbes and other various things” was the reply. So interesting!

According to Wikipedia, “A microorganism (from the Greek: μικρός, mikros, “small” and ὀργανισμός, organismós, “organism”) is a microscopic organism, which may be a single cell[1] or multicellular organism…Microorganisms are very diverse and include all the bacteria and archaea and almost all the protozoa. They also include some members of the fungi, algae, and animals such as rotifers. Many macro animals and plants have juvenile stages which are also microorganisms.

She showed me what looked like a walking stick insect. I asked if it was an insect and got the impression that that is not how they would classify it. As in, we see it differently than you. “But you eat it?” I asked. “Sort of, we eat its stomach.” Wow. For such large people, they sure have tiny portions.

“Gloria, why do you want to hang out with a human?” “Because you were available,” she replied. “So you hijacked me with a pink chair” I teased. “You came of your own free will,” she said with a smile. She is so right. “Do you have a message for my readers?” I asked her. “I have been where you are at” she said. Well, I wasn’t expecting that response. “And…” I prompted her. “And someone helped me.” “So you’re giving back?” I asked. “Of course, that is how it works” she replied.

“Did you enjoy playing drums at my home?” I asked her. “Yes” she said with a smile. “Do you play an instrument or make music in any way?” I inquired. She pulled out a short horn shaped like a cornucopia. It was very small compared to her size, about the size of her hand. She played me a few notes which I can’t remember, only that the sounds were not as smooth, as I would have thought. I inquired if she was an artist in any way. She answered that she liked to draw. I got the impression that this was not exactly the right word, just the best she could find. For some reason, I asked her if it was 2D, 3D or what. “Interdimentional” was her answer back. Holy Shit! There is actually such a thing as interdimentional art?!! “So you help communicate and translate interdimensionaly and you draw interdimensionaly,” I state. “Yes” she said. “Do you draw to help with communication?” I asked. “Sometimes” she replied. This is so interesting!!

I ask for Gloria to show me something. We are suddenly outside above the outcropping of her home. She points into the distance and there is a larger outcropping in that direction. The top of it is covered with plants or squat trees. She takes me into a cave opening and we start walking. It is really hard to focus at first and my vision is all blocked out and flashing. But I soon realize that we are in the black rock cave system that I had popped myself into when I first came to visit Gloria. I don’t know if you recall, but the entire surface (walls, floor, ceiling) is cut in a facetted pattern that reminds me of an arrowhead (basically a repetitive oval pattern). I hear the beautiful droning sound again. I ask her what the sound is and she tells me it is, “the Soul of the planet”. She describes that it is a natural sound that comes up from the planet and that they carved the walls, flour and ceiling to amplify the sound. As she is telling me this, I feel the love from the planet come up through my body like a wave and fill my heart. It was very beautiful. I could hear the sounds before but did not feel the emotion that went with it. For some reason, I wondered what they do with the energy. I mean after all why would you do anything with it other than experience it. But when I ask that, I see an image of it streaming out into the air around the outcropping. “We use it to create.” Gloria states. Well, doesn’t that just make you want to cry? I ask her how they give back to the planet and see multiple images of a bowed head and hear, “We say thank you.” I have been wondering what the name of her planet is for some time. When I request it, I hear the name “Antara”. She tells me that it isn’t the real name but it represents the correct idea of what their real name means. I get the impression that it means “of the earth”. I tell her I will Google it. She smiles and declares, “You do that; you will find it.” I give her my thanks and tell her I do want to meet her someday, with her real face on. I get an image back of her standing tall and looking down at me, on Earth.

I Googled Antara, as soon as I opened my eyes. The first website that came up was Antara is a popular girls/woman’s name in India. That website said that it meant, “From within, from the heart”. Woo hoo! So my impression was pretty close; instead of it meaning, “of the earth or of the land/planet” it means “from within the heart of the planet”. Of course, when I looked at other websites they all had different meanings but I know that first one was the one I was supposed to find.

A couple of days later I decided to visit Anton in a meditation. I decided to meet him in the crystal cave that he had shown me. I pictured myself there and turned around and there he was. I gave him a hug and asked if he missed me. He said, “No, because you are always right here.” AWWWWWHHHH. I asked him about the distortion field between the minds of my telepathic practice group. He reached forward and pulled a coin out of my ear. “What? Are we doing magic tricks now?” I inquired with a smile. “What do I have?” he asks. “A quarter” I respond. He puts his hand with the coin behind his back and pulls it back out. He is now holding a bouquet of flowers. “Shouldn’t those be a bouquet of bills?” I ask like a smart-ass. He smiles and says, “They are both gifts.” “Yes! Exactly that is what has been happening to us. How do we get past the distortion field?” I say. “You get to know them,” he answers. “As a person?” I wonder. “As a person, a heart and a soul” he declares. “And what is the best way to do that?” I ask.

Suddenly, we are out in space looking down at his planet. He is holding my hand and smiling. Then he lets go and zips down to the planet like a deflated balloon. “Can you see me now?” he says with a laugh. (Yep, he stole that right out of the Verizon commercials.) “No” I answer cracking up. “But I’m here” he says as clear as day. “Yes but it is easier to get to know someone when you are right next to them and can see all the nuances of their expressions.” I state. He pops back up next to me. He replies, “Yes, but…” and places my hand over his heart. “What are you trying to say?” I ask him. “Can you feel my love for you?” he responds. My heart chakra starts tingling and heating up. I tell him, “Yes.” He just stares at me, as he likes to do while waiting for me to get it. “Oh, so you are saying that I need to tap into or feel the love FROM the other person.” “Heart to Heart” he states. “And practice” I declare. “And practice” he agrees.

How interesting and cool is that. I have been trying to send and receive from the heart but I haven’t been trying to reach out and feel the other person’s love for me to complete that circuit. Nice tip. Thanks Anton!

He also showed me another game to play. He stood in front of me and held out his palm face up. I put my palm over his but face down and about four inches or so between palms. He then thought of something specific and balanced it mentally on his hand. I used my hand to then feel what he was holding. (No peeking) I could feel feathers! Very fun!

Shortly after this meditation, Tom from the telepathy group sent us an email that really stuck with me. Here is a quote from it. In a way we are opening ourselves to channeling each other.  When I send or receive I bring the other person into my heart space/connect to there energy, or maybe it is they are already there and I am just finding/opening that connection.  My understanding is that in the higher dimensions all communication is done by telepathy/thought forms/feelings etc, dimensions are just higher vibration and frequency strata’s. We are learning to do what Lisa is doing, but in our own way.  We connect energies, dial out the antenna etc,.

I really like how he says that we are learning to channel each other. For some unknown reason that wasn’t even in my thought process as to where we are (hopefully) going with each other. I mean telepathic communication is how channels happen after all! When I met with Lisa this week, she asked me to try channeling this coming week. I’m not quite sure how that would work best for me. I have very little quiet time to myself. But I am willing to mess around with it and see what happens. I still want to hang out with Kawsh and Pim again as well and check out their flora and fauna.

After my meditation with Anton I took a bit of time off from meditation and telepathy. I felt rather “weird” all week. I was moody and spacey and every time I thought about connecting again it didn’t seem like the right time or the right thing to do. I tried connecting with Kawsh and Pim once but it was disjointed and scattered and I didn’t write any of it down. I tried a few sends or receives with my new friends but I was so far off. Way more than normal! LOL. So I tried to relax into it and wait until I didn’t feel like staring out of windows. When Lisa said we were either contracting or expanding, I thought she meant either/or not both at the same time. But as I write this, I am reminded that a fractal is doing both at once. Right? Hmmm… That is how I feel at the moment. I am expanding and contracting at the same time! My physical life has been very busy but I do not seem to be getting anything done each day. My mental life is floating off in la la land and focusing has been a bitch. Who needs most of a day to decide on what kind of side dish to bring to a graduation party? Especially when you have already decided to use the last of your sweet corn from last summer as the main ingredient. There are not that many options!!!! Lord, where is our new normal? (I hope it includes the ability to write out a grocery list.)

Until my journey returns,

Love Esther



Esther’s Ongoing Connection With Gloria and the Gang from Koletash


To My Interested Readers,

My first meditation trip of the week is to Gloria’s planet. I have not been able to see it at all and now I’m curious to see if all the time I have spent with her will change that. I go to that huge sun in the center of her planetary system first. The size was large before but now it seems bigger. No wait, I figure out somehow that I am smaller. I’m still not in real life scale to this giant sun but I have shrunk from when I first started coming here. The surface of the sun has more movement now. When I first came it seemed almost crystal like on the surface. Now I can see that was kind of a freeze frame or better yet, it was pixilated, like when your TV freezes. It is still orange and red.

Earlier in the day, when I was doing dishes, I was planning on visiting Gloria when I had the time. As I was thinking of the visit to her planet a sudden flash of the surface came to me. The image was a foggy forest world. I tried to see the planet from space again. All I could get again was the pale jade green color. I thought of the foggy spot I had seen when I was doing dishes, and tried to land there. The fog was thick; I couldn’t see much. One of the wonderful new advantages of my new telepathic practice group has been talking to other people who receive information differently than I. Inspired by my new friends, I decided to concentrate on some of my other senses than just my eyes. I concentrated on the feeling of the ground under my feet. I got the clear feeling of the soft squishy suck of mud. I asked how it would feel on my skin and felt the wet humid sensation on my arms. I asked for a sound and heard a dry rattle. Ok very cool! Send me another sound. This time I heard a whistle. Send me another! I heard a sound above me, similar to the sound a rain stick makes but spread out in direction like it moved or sprinkled through the trees. Awesome!! Thank you new use of senses!!!!! It was very hard to concentrate and I couldn’t seem to move around. I concentrated on one tree trunk. It had a long smooth skinny light brown trunk and was as tall as the California Redwoods. There were no branches until they got to the top layer of the fog. Then there was a round puff of branches and leaves at the very top of the tree. They were very much like giant green Q-tips. I was wondering if the planet was completely forested or if there were any other habitats. I got a flash of Gloria standing in front of grasses that were taller than her by about half her height. I asked where their homes where? I was starting to imagine Yoda’s swamp planet! LOL. Only this world wasn’t nearly as dark and depressing as that. My vision was taken up above the fog and I saw this outcropping that sticks out above the fog and treetops. It reminded me of a tall skinny termite mound. I got the feeling that it was not made of rock but was instead created. Now I am hovering higher than the outcropping and the fog. The outcropping in kind of like the tip of a finger sticking out of this cool texture/visual of green round tree tops that are still covered by the fog but just barely. So it kind of looks bumpy because of the color difference between the trees and the fog. It was very beautiful. I tried to concentrate on the top of the outcropping but it was very hard to focus. There were dome like homes or chambers on the side that was facing me. They didn’t cover the whole surface and where not regimented in their layout. It was almost like there was a small random cluster on this one area that I could almost focus on. Jeeezzz, it was like wearing someone else’s glasses! I floated down the outcropping and down below in the fog there were doorways (that I just got a flash of) on the sides of this column like feature. I went through one and was in that super white bright light that I encountered when I went down the stairs in Gloria’s home. I popped myself back to that white light at Gloria’s in hope that I would have a better connection there and be able to see past the light. I even tried creating “sunglasses” to see through the brightness. No Go! Well Damn. I couldn’t get anymore so I surfaced and started writing my notes. After I finished, I decided to go back and find Gloria and see if she would work on my antenna some more. I went back and she was sitting on those stairs waiting for me. I sat below and to the side of her. She took hold of my hair and opened the top of my head and fiddled for a second. I could actually feel this faintly at my physical body! Weird! Then suddenly it wasn’t that bright! I’m looking straight ahead at a hallway. There was another that ran past the foot of the stairs perpendicular to the one that is straight ahead of me. I can only vaguely see. But hey, it’s no longer blindingly bright. Everything does seem to be white in color. We get up and walk along the hallway. She stops and gestures to something through a window in the wall of the hall. I can’t see anything but get the impression of a big room. I have a fleeting thought of “school” that floats through my head. But it’s an invisible classroom to me. Then she points to the right on the other side of the hall. There are more windows, except I still can’t see shit. Then the hall walks out onto a mostly clear bridge. At first I think that I am still not focusing but then I look down. I am in a large rectangular room. The bridge crosses the room on the short axis. There are lights above me, which I do not look at. I am very tired of light at the moment! Below us is a bunch of plants. They look like three leaf clovers only the leaves overlap a bit so there are no spaces between the leaves. They are in very regimented rows and are all almost touching the plants next to them. So it looks like a very regimented field of green. I can only assume because of the scale of people and plants of this planet that they are large. But because I am above them it is impossible to see anything to scale them next to. As I’m typing this out, it occurs to me that the clear bridge would let light through to the plants below and wasn’t a block in my vision. At least I hope! It was damn hard to focus on anything. But hey, I am making progress. I left at that point and went home to stare at some colored walls. Ahhhhh refreshing!

I have been very curious about my new friend ATM. As I went about my busy day I thought of him occasionally and realized that I had started calling him Adam in my head. Then about an hour later I realized that Adam was wrong and what was bouncing through my head was Atom. Now as we all know, an atom is the basic building block of matter. So this is a very interesting moment for me. So I have a non-robot entity that wears black gloves and wants to go by the name Atom. Ok then, lets hang out. I am meditating while sitting on my bed this time. So I bring him in. He is sitting on the end of the bed and I’m kind of making out black boots and a wavery outline around him but not much else. But the vibe he is putting off is awesome. He reminds me of a sharp dressed rocker, sitting at the bar, who you really want to go up a have a drink with. I mean if he had pulled out an electric guitar and gone all Jimmy Hendricks on my ass, I would not have been surprised. So I feel very comfortable with him right away and ask him where he lives. (Bare in mind up to this point I am thinking that he is going to end up in the “guide” category.) He takes my hand and we fly up and out into space. It doesn’t seem like we go far but when we turn around, where I expect to see Earth I see a different planet. It is brown with a lot of shadows and deep carved canyons. And these must be giant canyons because they are cutting across the face of this planet with the width being about a fifth of the planet’s height. I am wondering to myself if we are going to be able to communicate when I have the thought pop in my head, “You can if you decide you want to.” Was that me or was that him? Hard to tell. My thoughts all sound the same to me. We descend to the surface and as we are going down he sort of flickers this image at me. He is definitely humanoid with super modern lycra-like clothes. Or is that retro 80’s? Is he projecting or is that really his appearance. We land and it is pebbly with a lot of light brown soil over rock. I’m still holding his hand; I like holding his hand. Have we met before? Why do I feel so BFF with this guy?

I ask the planet to let me feel it’s vibration and I feel a very aggressive base cord (like an electric base being strummed). I am a bit taken aback and send it my feeling of how the Earth feels. I get the same sound back again. I am confused. I ask Atom, “Can a planet sound aggressive?” He shrugs. I ask the planet, “If you were a song, what would you be?” Immediately I hear, “I LOVE ROCK AND ROLL”, the Joan Jett version. I laugh and look around, the planet definitely looks like it has a lot of earthquake action going on. I stop and concentrate on my feet but don’t feel any tremors. I ask if his name really is Atom. I have the thought, “You have to trust yourself.” So I really am “hearing” this guy. He had said earlier that I could communicate if I wanted to. Well damn, that makes me feel silly for talking to his hand during my last meditation with him. I apparently make things harder than they are sometimes.

So I ask him about his name again. I have the thought, “It’s a close enough approximation.” I ask him what his real name is and he says I wouldn’t understand it. I ask Atom why he has appeared in my life. I have the thought pop in my head, “Because you called me.” And he is correct; he appeared, as a box, when I gave the intention to bring to me all those who I had pre-agreements with. “So you’re here to help me learn telepathy?” I ask. “To help everyone learn”, he corrects. He flies up in the air and comes down a ways away. “Now come to me,” he says. I immediately pop myself over to standing in front of him. He says, “It’s that easy.” “But what about waking a part of your mind that hasn’t been used in a millennia?” He makes the blah blah blah hand gesture. Hilarious! “Well how do I convince myself I can do it? Are we not going to stand around and have an existential conversation about this?” He says, “We can if you want.” But obviously he is not in the mood. He appears on top of this spire of rock. He is holding on casually with one hand while his boots are braced on one side of the rock. Well that’s good, as a Gemini I suck at existential conversations. I can’t argue very well when I can see and agree with every side.

He teleports a few meters off into the air and then kind of stutters his image for a second. And then he pops back to the top of the spire. “How did I do that?” he asks. I say, “With your mind.” He teleports back to standing right in front of me. “Now, how did I do that?” he asks. “With your mind.” I say again. “No, with my heart.” Holy crap-olla! My heart chakra immediately heats up. I feel like a crushing girl as I say breathlessly, “You teleported to me with your heart?” He replies, “Yes.” My new friends, Tom and Melissa, have both told our telepathy group to use our hearts. Extreme validation! I am pretty blown away by his demonstration and my heart chakra is still on fire. He takes my hand and flies me back home. I give him my love and tell him I will see him tomorrow.

I loved this visit. Not only did I make a new friend but also I think he must be an old one. I mean only a true friend would feel comfortable give you the blah blah blah hand gesture. And it wasn’t insulting at all; it felt so comfortable and funny. And his planet is so interesting. I mean, thanks for the Joan Jett. She rocks! What a learning experience, to take what sounds aggressive and violent and show that its all about the LOVE of moving and shaking ass! (I think I actually felt my mind bend a little.)

The next day, I went back to visit Atom again. This was an interesting trip as well but didn’t flow as well as the amazing first day. I felt that I was “pushing” again which makes me doubt myself and what I am seeing. I don’t like that feeling and will have to figure out how to get myself to stop doing it.

I went back to his planet and flew over the surface. I saw a lot of rock and not much else. I wondered where the people lived. I saw a tear drop shaped city. It was floating several meters above the ground. This is of course a logical thing given the nature of the planet. Which sent me into a spiral of thinking that this is something I have imagined. I float in close and go underneath it. This felt very real and the bottom was dark grey or black metallic substance. In general it was smooth and shaped like a shallow bowl (it was the bottom of the teardrop), but up close there were joined surfaces and sensors and such on it. I come up over the end and suddenly it is the size of a model. This confuses me greatly and I try to get back to the large actual city. (pushing pushing) The slanted top of the teardrop is clear but still obvious to see, like our windows. I kept calling it a force field in my head. I call Atom to me and ask him if he could take me into the city. The actual city is now in front of us and we fly up and through a specific section of the “force field” which is not energetic but made of something solid. So it is NOT a force field. The city inside has lots of buildings of different sizes and shapes but it is very hard to focus on any details. Atom flew me into this large rectangular opening, like a hanger. Then we were on a moving sidewalk/road. Now this makes me doubt myself again, I mean how human futuristic sci-fi can we get here. I ask him where he lives and we come to a tall building with a lift/elevator up the outside. It is enclosed and looks like the elevators in hotel lobbies that have a glass wall around them so the riders can see out as they travel up and down. We go up and get out and go down a hall. At this point I can’t see at all, just vague murky idea of the hall and entering into his home. The only time I can see clearly is when we go out on his open-air balcony. It was very small with white pipe-like railing. We were high but because of the position of the balcony, I couldn’t see much of the city. The top of the teardrop was dark and blurry. So the clear sides end in a cap of some sort. I kept wondering about why they needed the sides. Why not just be open air? I got the impression that it was all tied into being able to hover. Maybe it stabilizes the city somehow? If you will notice I’m not hearing much from Atom up to this point. Everything is still feeling “pushy” to me. I ask him why they live on such a volatile planet. “It’s our home” he replies. “How did you evolve so much with so much danger?” I get the impression that there were periods of lesser activity. “What do you eat?” “Plants and minerals” he says. “Where do you grow your plants? Your world is pretty barren.” I ask. Now this comes through loud and clear, “Not all plants are green.” Well ok then, show me! I am now under the floating city and above these succulent like plants that are the exact same color as the ground. He takes me somewhere else and shows me this large rectangular boulder that is another one! I put my hand on it and it gives a little. This plant is waist high and at least six feet long and looks like a giant rock! We float down the walls of a deep chasm and at a certain point he shows me that the walls have a rock colored moss growing on them. I asked if there were any animals. He showed me something so camouflaged that all I could see were the eyes when they opened. It seemed small, like perhaps lizard sized. He showed me another that looked like four or five rocks hooked together that was walking away from me. I asked if they had anything that flies and saw the flash of a wing, you guessed it, speckled camo rock colored. I asked if he was the color of the rocks too. He said, “When I want to be.” It is so weird when I talk to him he has a face and makes expressions but I can’t actually see him or maybe a better way of saying it is my brain doesn’t retain his image. We are face to face a lot but I can’t for the life of me remember what he looks like. I ask him to show me something and he takes my hand and we fly over the landscape. We come to an area where the land was pushed up in a perfect circle, in a low dome. It is quite large and completely out of place in this jagged world. We land on the top of it and the ground opens and we drop though. We are in a large underground cavern with a lake. The shape of the cavern is nothing like above ground. It seems irregular and natural, not like the perfect circle above. We walk along a trail beside the wall. Everything is pretty dark and I don’t see anyone or any lights. Suddenly we are in the end of the cavern, which has this area with all these sparkly white and silver crystals. They are all growing on the ground but there are hollows and little cave pockets in the wall so there are a couple of layers of them. It looks as if the whole wall is glowing with them. It was very beautiful, especially considering the monochromatic surface. I see why he took me here. It was just stunning! I asked if I was ever going to meet him in person and he said, “Hopefully.” I gave out love and went home to get some sleep.

I have some time the next day to meditate and want to get to the bottom of this “pushing” feeling. I do not feel comfortable with it. Both times that it has happened I have been with Atom. I pull him into my world and sit him on the couch across from me. I go over and sit on the coffee table and tell him I felt I was pushing again last time. I ask him to take the lead this time. He takes my hand and we go shooting up through the roof into the night sky. We land on a brown planet at sunset. We are on a smooth slope with one outcropping to my left. The landscape is so calm looking that I ask where we are. He just waits and looks at me. I look down at the ground and immediately get the base cord I was hearing from before. Yep, we are on his planet again. We sit and watch the sunset. It sets without all the colors that we sometimes get here on Earth. It was a white yellow color. I tell him about the pushing feeling I got again yesterday. “What am I doing to make it feel that way?” He says, “Slow down, touch the plants, feel the soil”. Mental pictures of me doing just that accompany his statements. So when I am feeling like I am pushing the meditation, I need to slow down and let it come to me. I need to reach out more and explore with my senses. He stands up and picks up this short stick. He throws it at the sun. I see it actually leave the atmosphere of the planet and head for the sun! “Are you really doing that or are you demonstrating something?” I ask. He smiles and says, “I’m demonstrating.” Ah, but he could be demonstrating by really doing something. “Let me rephrase, are you really throwing something into the sun or are you giving me a metaphor for something?” “Both” he says and smiles. Cheeky bastard. “You know what I am asking. Don’t make me stumble over exact word choice to give it to me.” We are both laughing now. “Ok, I did just throw that into the sun.” he says. “It will burn up before it gets there.” I reply. “Yes” he says. “So what are you showing me?” I ask. “Anything is possible” he replies. “Ok so anything is possible but I’m not allowed to be in shock and awe and shit my pants when something outside of my experience happens?” He looks down at my pants. “It’s just an expression,” I say. We are both laughing and sit back down. He takes a hold of my right hand (he is sitting on that side) and pulls it off of my wrist as if it was never connected. He pulls it out a few inches and then puts it back. He keeps moving it like that. “Ok, I say, but I’m not corporeal.” “It doesn’t matter if you were” he replies. Wow. “Alright, so anything is possible,” I state. “Just don’t shit your pants,” he says. OMG I love this guy! At this point I am feeling very settled and the whole meditation has been flowing very smoothly. I want to link that feeling to yesterday’s meditation so I ask him to show me a plant. He says, “Your sitting on one.” When he says it the ground we are on starts to rise up and we slide off. There is this object that looks like the fin of a fish only ten feet tall sticking out of the soil. One side, (the side we had been sitting on) was smooth and the other side has those ribs like in a fish’s fin. When I reach out and touch it, it feels smooth and sandy/dirty. I ask if he eats this plant and he say no. I ask why it is standing up and he says, “Procreation.” I get the image of large seeds or spores or whatevers shooting out of the tips of the spines and shooting out to the surrounding area. I tell him since being here, I have wanted to go visit Kawsh and Pim’s planet again and see if I can see their plants. I ask if he wants to come with me. He says, “No. Go. I will always be here if you need me.” I tell him he can visit me too and give me little taps, so to speak. I tell him it would be good practice for me. I leave him there and go home by myself. As I write up my notes on my adventure, I see a bright white light flash by the right side of my face. After looking around and seeing nothing that would/could have caused it, I assume that I just got my first tap. This is almost more exciting than my meditations. This is a visual phenomenon that I can physically see! It was very cool and I did NOT shit my pants.

For my next meditation I wanted to try to bring Kawsh, Pim and Gloria to my home instead of me going to them. I really didn’t think this would be a problem. I had Atom in my home a couple of times now. The morning before I have time to have this visit I had a huge realization about what has been happening with my telepathic practice group. Now we have been generally sucking with a few successes here and there. Not a big surprise considering we have been doing this less than a week and that we have no idea what we are doing. It is actually surprising that we are getting anything correct. Well the morning of the 1st, I had got a reply back from Tom. I had sent him a softball (like an extra large baseball) and he had received a planet, Pluto. We this tickled me so much that I actually said that I liked getting wrong answers better. I then, in short order, received a reply back from Robin. I had sent her green grass. She received rain/fog/swelling streams. For some reason, as I entered Robin’s reply into my notes, I started looked at the rest of the notes between her and I. I saw something amazing. She had gotten one send correctly and I had gotten none. But when one of us sent a shape, the other one of us got a different SHAPE. When one of us sent something from nature, the other one got something completely different, but from NATURE. Earlier in the week I had sent Melissa a song and she heard a completely different SONG. So Tom’s response about Pluto took on a completely different meaning. After all both a softball and Pluto are round and travel through space. Sue had sent me an ocean scene and I received a bird. I had sent Odaly a balloon (while practicing sending from the heart) and she received a silver balloon with a heart on it. Hopefully you are getting what I am saying. Our wrong answers are not necessarily wrong. We are getting something from each other. Not every time by any means, but little bits and pieces are coming through. I was expecting black and white answers but that is NOT what is going on. I was so excited! I wrote out an email to everyone saying that we needed to start making note of the similarities between what we are sending each other. Baby Steps!

So I was in a good mood the morning of the 1st but then, man oh man, emotional upheaval began. Lisa had written in her blog the day before that we would be landing on the “fully functioning new earth”. I other words, a major energy shift starting the night of April 30 and lasting three days. Most of my group was either physically or emotionally upset for the next day or two. So in retrospect I shouldn’t have meditated that afternoon, but that’s ok because after a couple of days of pondering, I realized that every feeling that surfaced had a source with in me. I sat on my couch in the living room and called to Gloria, Pim and Kawsh. The showed up immediately. I got a flash of them standing on the porch just on the other side of the windows immediately on my right. The sight of them freaked me out. I realized later that the sight of any person or people suddenly standing on my porch would have startled me. But there was more to it than that. Gloria was standing in the middle of the two guys. I couldn’t see the males clearly but I certainly got a clear glimpse of Gloria’s non-human face. Anyway, I asked if they wanted to come in or for me to go outside. They opened the door and walked in and stood in front of the television. Now what the hell should I do? What would they be interested in? After all they know a hell of a lot more about humanity than I know about them. So I ask, “What do you want to do?” One of the guys started playing air guitar. UMMMMMMMM… What am I seeing here? This totally doesn’t make sense. Ok, I need to trust what I am seeing. My husband has a man cave band practice space set up down stairs. I take them down there and Gloria gets behind one of the drum sets and starts playing! One of the guys, (I can’t tell them apart today) get behind the other drum set and the other one picks up a guitar. WHAT THE HELL? So I just started potty training my youngest and this meditation get interrupted. I have a bathroom break moment with him and then get back into what is transpiring down stairs. They are still playing on the equipment and this is still really weird to me. This is so out of character for them. Gloria gets up and goes over to the window and looks out. The guys stop playing and come over. I ask, “Now what?” We start to rise up through the ceiling, up through the main floor and out through the roof. Up we go. I relax. I’m not pushing, just smelling all the grey clouds that I am floating gently though. Then I bump my head. My non-corporeal head! I have hit the basket of a hot air balloon only the balloon is shaped like a Zeppelin. The balloon is grey and the basket hanging under it has a dark colored bottom about waist high. The top half of the basket looks enclosed with glass and there is a figure inside. I knock on the door and he lets me in. I can’t make him out at all; I just can see a dark squiggly figure. We fly down out of the clouds until we can see the fields below. We are high enough that the land looks like a patchwork quilt. We fly to an area where the sun in shining through the clouds and beaming down. We pass through the sunbeams and on the other side everything is dark. After a little bit I can tell that we are in a giant cave. There is a tunnel that is connected to it and we fly into that next. I can see the other end far away. Suddenly we are there and come out on a beautiful scene. There are fields and trees and a mountain in the distance and everything is bright and sunny. For some reason I jump out of the door of the basket and drop to the ground. I look back and see the figure in the balloon jump out after me. He does it rather awkwardly. The balloon is about thirty feet up in the air. When he jumps I can see that he is very skinny and a little shorter than me. He is still this blackish silhouette. But he jumps like he is physically jumping out of the balloon not as easily as I did, knowing I wasn’t physically there. I ask where Gloria and the guys are. I can hear him very faintly in my head. Thank you Atom for giving me confidence in the communication arena. He says, “They are here if you want them to be.” Yes I do. His jump has wigged me out a bit. I can now see them walking around us, making a perfect circle in the hay field that we are standing in. I ask why I am meeting with him today and he replies, “Because you were able to.”

Now at this point, I kind of get pissed and start raving about how I am the next ET Whisperer and like the Ghost Whisperer I’m going to have beings popping out from around every corner. Do I need a Rolodex or a 200-page report to keep everyone straight? Yes, yes yes… TOTAL over reaction. I am not getting any creepy vibes from this guy. The only thing I can feel from him is curiosity and a strong “I want to hang out with you” vibe. Which makes me uncomfortable. Why you ask. Well it took me a couple days to sift through what I was feeling and here is what I came up with. What I am doing, while completely unexpected and surprising to me, feels so normal. Normal as in anyone and everyone can go on meditation voyages to other worlds or inside themselves or to the back yard. If they don’t know how, I know that everyone can learn. I do not want to be hero worshipped by either humans or any other entities. I just feel like a space anthropologist.

So during my, feeling overwhelmed freak out, I don’t remember what was said to me except one thing that Gloria said. “You have chosen this path.” Now her voice is coming through loud and clear as the actress’s voice in the movie “Pig” who plays the mother collie/sheepdog. Which if you haven’t seen that movie, is extremely calm and motherly. I have not heard a voice with her before. I usually just have knowings or thoughts and ideas pop into my head. Well she is certainly at the forefront of getting Esther to calm down. When I hear her say that I say, “Yeah it’s a little bit late for bitching. I already jumped off that cliff.” So I take a deep breath and we all start walking down this gravel country road. I ask this new guy what his name is and get “Pim.” “Don’t say Pim. I already have a Pim.” I say. I ask again and it still sounds the same. What the hell? Then one of my two guys say, “You’re not hearing it right.” Then Pim say, “It’s Slim.” Well he is skinny! I ask if he wants to tell me his real name and he says, “Slim will do.” We walk along for a while and then I pull us back to walking up my driveway. Slim’s flying machine swoops down and he jumps in and waves and flies off. I walk the other three up to the top of the driveway. They all stand together and start rising up on an invisible lift and then their invisible ship (I sense) flies away.

I think the biggest realization of this excursion is that I am in no way ready for the actual landing of any ET’s on my porch! This is very interesting to me but I feel very peaceful about this realization. I mean I am not an ET buff in anyway and therefore all this exposure to them is quite brand new to me. If a ship did land in my driveway, I’m not sure what I would do. I’m sure that it would depend on who got out of that ship. The shock of seeing Gloria’s face on my porch was quite strong and I love her. I definitely see why they like to present a human image to us. That image is much more comforting to some inner part of us. I would probably tell that ship to come back later! LOL!!!

When I reported in on my week to Lisa, she pointed out that when I go to other worlds it is all play to me. I’m like a little kid exploring. While I was surprised by my friend’s behavior upon entering my house, they were doing the same thing. They came over and played on the music equipment in my house just like my own little kids do. Even when Pim was naming hot air balloon guy, Slim, that was teasing, just like something I would do.

She was also very excited about how our telepathic group was doing. She said from her end she sees a distortion field between minds and the more we practice the more we will find a way through that distortion field. So in the mean time we will get little bits and pieces from each other. She graduated me from ET class and sent me on my way to play at will. So next week I would like to go back to Pim and Kawsh’s supposedly barren (according to me) planet and explore some more. And oddly enough, Atom’s name is now coming to me as Anton. My guy has a morphing name. I also got another “tap” from him (or somebody). I had the timer counting down on my stove and I went in to turn it off. I looked to see how much time was left and the crazy thing was adding time in super fast forward instead of ticking it off slowly. I literally stared at it for thirty seconds before reaching out and shutting it off. Very weird! I also want to go back to Gloria’s and see if I can still hear her in my head as Miriam Margolyes (I just looked that up). I’ll keep you posted.

Until the Adventure Continues,