The Adventures of Esther and her Star Family Continued…!

galactic energy

Note From Lisa:  Let me apologize for being so tardy on getting Esther’s ongoing, amazing connections and sharings out to everyone.  I really need more morning time! lol  But here she is… ❤  Also, we have a new sharer coming up next time.  These adventures/experiences are so amazing.  If you have an ET connection to share, please email me with it, I will get it out here!! (


Hello everybody, my first trip this week was delayed quite a few days. Not only has my physical life been busy but also I wanted to let the new energy that came in with May settle within me. I generally don’t have many symptoms with the incoming energy, which is great. I refer to it as “the Easy Path”. But I guess linking up with my telepathic group as well as the energies of the vastness of the wild black yonder has changed that a bit. I can deal with muscle trembles and a bit of nausea and light-headedness any day. Hell, I’ve been pregnant. Now that is feeling yucky (at least for me).

One of the things I noticed right off after this energetic inflow was the connection between me and my telepathic practice group was stronger. Maybe it just is a result of our continual work, but I could feel their personal energy more strongly when I reached out for them. Now this doesn’t mean in any way that I have been getting better at receiving or sending! LOL. I am learning a lot about how other people receive energy. The other night I had sent Melissa a sunset and she received a diamond. I emailed her that I didn’t see any connection between the two and she sent this reply back.

It makes perfect sense to me. To illustrate why, I need for you to take a bit of a ride with me. Close your eyes and go back to that sunset. Grab a light ray and energetically ride it. Feel into that beam of light. The refraction of the light through water crystals. What do you see? For me, it feels like diamonds. Light bouncing sort of in a billion different directions yet contained. 

The way that she receives energy is so amazingly different than me and I would have never thought that we had connected with that “airmail” if she hadn’t given me her point of view. She receives energy vibrationaly and her examples of her current learning curve are so great I had to share.

I found this with an image someone sent the other day. It was of hearts. The picture of hearts had a bunch of them kinda clustered together. I said butterflies. That person sent me an image of butterflies in the email. To me, at a more elemental level (as these are 1 dimensional images), they looked the same. I am seeing a difference in the experience of what some of us are sending vs receiving. Some are focusing on a picture of something. For me, that’s flat or 1 dimensional. It can be hard to feel for me. Someone else is sending the beach with them sitting on it. That is very mutlidimensional in its energy for me. It also makes it really difficult to dial in on one answer. It’s a sensorial experience on every level. But I can almost smell the experience of that person. I have a hard time dialing in on one thing to reply. I’ve “seen” sea shells. There is no right or wrong answer. The focus is less about the image and more about learning to read different people and the way they are experiencing the energy. Does that make any sense?

Lisa had said last week to me that there is a mind-to-mind distortion field going on between us. This is so easy to see when we all process information so differently. What jumped out for me most about what Melissa wrote above is the part about learning to read different people. I don’t think that it will entirely be a conscious thing, as in Sue felt the warmth of the sun and knew that I had sent her the image of the sun. It will be more like our hearts and brains will “learn” the other person enough to “decode” what is being sent.

I had learned a lot last week from Anton (aka Atom) about how to hear inside of my head. Mainly I just have to know that I can do it. I wanted to visit Gloria and see if I could still hear her when she was in her own space. Last week she came through loud and clear and motherly when she was trying to calm me down. So for my first meditation of the week I went to visit her. I went to Gloria’s room with the horseshoe benches. Right away my vision was clearer. The bench I was standing next to was one solid piece with the wall. There was no space underneath it. The wall just came down and curved out into the bench, which went straight down to the floor. It looked like a natural adobe/mud color and yet was covered with a slick shiny topcoat. I turned around and Gloria was behind me. I jumped up so I could give her a proper hug. I told her I was sorry that I had been scared of the image of her suddenly appearing on my porch. She smiled and said, “It’s to be expected.” So I can hear her! Yippee! It’s fainter and not so “Would you like a cup of tea, dear?” but still very much there. When I say that she smiled, I do not mean physically. She has a very small mouth and I have not seen her really smile. So every time I say that she smiled what I’m really getting from her is a soft energetic humor (and energy smile).

She took a section of the hair on the top left side of my head and started to tug vigorously as she started braiding it. If it had been my real hair I would have been yelling OUCH. I see a metallic flash every once in a while and pretty soon she has this stiff braid about a yard long sticking out off my head. Bare in mind I do not have long hair. She moved to the other side and did it up the same way. I looked like a deranged Pippi Longstockings. I turned my head back and forth and hit her with my braids like a little kid. Then, quite suddenly, like a tape measure retracting they snapped back into my head. “Well that’s more convenient,” I said. “Yes it is” she replied. (I’m sure she didn’t want to put me in time out.)

Now that I can communicate with her I asked her about the bright white light that I couldn’t see through when I had been visiting her before. I asked if it was really bright or if it was my vibrational block, so to speak. She said, “vibrational”. Great! I’m adjusting! “What do you eat?” I asked her. “Microbes and other various things” was the reply. So interesting!

According to Wikipedia, “A microorganism (from the Greek: μικρός, mikros, “small” and ὀργανισμός, organismós, “organism”) is a microscopic organism, which may be a single cell[1] or multicellular organism…Microorganisms are very diverse and include all the bacteria and archaea and almost all the protozoa. They also include some members of the fungi, algae, and animals such as rotifers. Many macro animals and plants have juvenile stages which are also microorganisms.

She showed me what looked like a walking stick insect. I asked if it was an insect and got the impression that that is not how they would classify it. As in, we see it differently than you. “But you eat it?” I asked. “Sort of, we eat its stomach.” Wow. For such large people, they sure have tiny portions.

“Gloria, why do you want to hang out with a human?” “Because you were available,” she replied. “So you hijacked me with a pink chair” I teased. “You came of your own free will,” she said with a smile. She is so right. “Do you have a message for my readers?” I asked her. “I have been where you are at” she said. Well, I wasn’t expecting that response. “And…” I prompted her. “And someone helped me.” “So you’re giving back?” I asked. “Of course, that is how it works” she replied.

“Did you enjoy playing drums at my home?” I asked her. “Yes” she said with a smile. “Do you play an instrument or make music in any way?” I inquired. She pulled out a short horn shaped like a cornucopia. It was very small compared to her size, about the size of her hand. She played me a few notes which I can’t remember, only that the sounds were not as smooth, as I would have thought. I inquired if she was an artist in any way. She answered that she liked to draw. I got the impression that this was not exactly the right word, just the best she could find. For some reason, I asked her if it was 2D, 3D or what. “Interdimentional” was her answer back. Holy Shit! There is actually such a thing as interdimentional art?!! “So you help communicate and translate interdimensionaly and you draw interdimensionaly,” I state. “Yes” she said. “Do you draw to help with communication?” I asked. “Sometimes” she replied. This is so interesting!!

I ask for Gloria to show me something. We are suddenly outside above the outcropping of her home. She points into the distance and there is a larger outcropping in that direction. The top of it is covered with plants or squat trees. She takes me into a cave opening and we start walking. It is really hard to focus at first and my vision is all blocked out and flashing. But I soon realize that we are in the black rock cave system that I had popped myself into when I first came to visit Gloria. I don’t know if you recall, but the entire surface (walls, floor, ceiling) is cut in a facetted pattern that reminds me of an arrowhead (basically a repetitive oval pattern). I hear the beautiful droning sound again. I ask her what the sound is and she tells me it is, “the Soul of the planet”. She describes that it is a natural sound that comes up from the planet and that they carved the walls, flour and ceiling to amplify the sound. As she is telling me this, I feel the love from the planet come up through my body like a wave and fill my heart. It was very beautiful. I could hear the sounds before but did not feel the emotion that went with it. For some reason, I wondered what they do with the energy. I mean after all why would you do anything with it other than experience it. But when I ask that, I see an image of it streaming out into the air around the outcropping. “We use it to create.” Gloria states. Well, doesn’t that just make you want to cry? I ask her how they give back to the planet and see multiple images of a bowed head and hear, “We say thank you.” I have been wondering what the name of her planet is for some time. When I request it, I hear the name “Antara”. She tells me that it isn’t the real name but it represents the correct idea of what their real name means. I get the impression that it means “of the earth”. I tell her I will Google it. She smiles and declares, “You do that; you will find it.” I give her my thanks and tell her I do want to meet her someday, with her real face on. I get an image back of her standing tall and looking down at me, on Earth.

I Googled Antara, as soon as I opened my eyes. The first website that came up was Antara is a popular girls/woman’s name in India. That website said that it meant, “From within, from the heart”. Woo hoo! So my impression was pretty close; instead of it meaning, “of the earth or of the land/planet” it means “from within the heart of the planet”. Of course, when I looked at other websites they all had different meanings but I know that first one was the one I was supposed to find.

A couple of days later I decided to visit Anton in a meditation. I decided to meet him in the crystal cave that he had shown me. I pictured myself there and turned around and there he was. I gave him a hug and asked if he missed me. He said, “No, because you are always right here.” AWWWWWHHHH. I asked him about the distortion field between the minds of my telepathic practice group. He reached forward and pulled a coin out of my ear. “What? Are we doing magic tricks now?” I inquired with a smile. “What do I have?” he asks. “A quarter” I respond. He puts his hand with the coin behind his back and pulls it back out. He is now holding a bouquet of flowers. “Shouldn’t those be a bouquet of bills?” I ask like a smart-ass. He smiles and says, “They are both gifts.” “Yes! Exactly that is what has been happening to us. How do we get past the distortion field?” I say. “You get to know them,” he answers. “As a person?” I wonder. “As a person, a heart and a soul” he declares. “And what is the best way to do that?” I ask.

Suddenly, we are out in space looking down at his planet. He is holding my hand and smiling. Then he lets go and zips down to the planet like a deflated balloon. “Can you see me now?” he says with a laugh. (Yep, he stole that right out of the Verizon commercials.) “No” I answer cracking up. “But I’m here” he says as clear as day. “Yes but it is easier to get to know someone when you are right next to them and can see all the nuances of their expressions.” I state. He pops back up next to me. He replies, “Yes, but…” and places my hand over his heart. “What are you trying to say?” I ask him. “Can you feel my love for you?” he responds. My heart chakra starts tingling and heating up. I tell him, “Yes.” He just stares at me, as he likes to do while waiting for me to get it. “Oh, so you are saying that I need to tap into or feel the love FROM the other person.” “Heart to Heart” he states. “And practice” I declare. “And practice” he agrees.

How interesting and cool is that. I have been trying to send and receive from the heart but I haven’t been trying to reach out and feel the other person’s love for me to complete that circuit. Nice tip. Thanks Anton!

He also showed me another game to play. He stood in front of me and held out his palm face up. I put my palm over his but face down and about four inches or so between palms. He then thought of something specific and balanced it mentally on his hand. I used my hand to then feel what he was holding. (No peeking) I could feel feathers! Very fun!

Shortly after this meditation, Tom from the telepathy group sent us an email that really stuck with me. Here is a quote from it. In a way we are opening ourselves to channeling each other.  When I send or receive I bring the other person into my heart space/connect to there energy, or maybe it is they are already there and I am just finding/opening that connection.  My understanding is that in the higher dimensions all communication is done by telepathy/thought forms/feelings etc, dimensions are just higher vibration and frequency strata’s. We are learning to do what Lisa is doing, but in our own way.  We connect energies, dial out the antenna etc,.

I really like how he says that we are learning to channel each other. For some unknown reason that wasn’t even in my thought process as to where we are (hopefully) going with each other. I mean telepathic communication is how channels happen after all! When I met with Lisa this week, she asked me to try channeling this coming week. I’m not quite sure how that would work best for me. I have very little quiet time to myself. But I am willing to mess around with it and see what happens. I still want to hang out with Kawsh and Pim again as well and check out their flora and fauna.

After my meditation with Anton I took a bit of time off from meditation and telepathy. I felt rather “weird” all week. I was moody and spacey and every time I thought about connecting again it didn’t seem like the right time or the right thing to do. I tried connecting with Kawsh and Pim once but it was disjointed and scattered and I didn’t write any of it down. I tried a few sends or receives with my new friends but I was so far off. Way more than normal! LOL. So I tried to relax into it and wait until I didn’t feel like staring out of windows. When Lisa said we were either contracting or expanding, I thought she meant either/or not both at the same time. But as I write this, I am reminded that a fractal is doing both at once. Right? Hmmm… That is how I feel at the moment. I am expanding and contracting at the same time! My physical life has been very busy but I do not seem to be getting anything done each day. My mental life is floating off in la la land and focusing has been a bitch. Who needs most of a day to decide on what kind of side dish to bring to a graduation party? Especially when you have already decided to use the last of your sweet corn from last summer as the main ingredient. There are not that many options!!!! Lord, where is our new normal? (I hope it includes the ability to write out a grocery list.)

Until my journey returns,

Love Esther



One thought on “The Adventures of Esther and her Star Family Continued…!

  1. Dear Esther – I’m really enjoying reading about your adventures with your Star Family. This post particularly blew my mind in the best way ever! Several years ago, I was doing an exercise from the book “Ask Your Angels” by Alma Daniel, Timothy Wylie and Andrew Ramer which entailed a meditation to discover the name of one of my “angels”. The name that came through loud and clear was “Entera” (that was how I spelled it in my notebook). I even went so far as to write that it meant “of the earth”. I know from your post that that is the name of planet that Gloria gave you, but I can’t help but wonder if they’re one and the same! I never even bothered to Google the name when it came through, but your experience gives me the validation I needed to know that we have friends beyond our current awareness and they love us! Keep up the fantastic adventure!

    Patty 🙂


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