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The Way of Light by Esther and Her Gang!


Dear Readers, I have proposed a group meditation round robin game for my telepathy practice group. Each person will come up with a meditation for the others to do. The reason for the new game is to get to know each other better. I have been getting quite a few pushes in that direction. Hopefully we will learn something about each other and open up our heart to heart connections more. I have proposed the following meditation for the first week. A woman walks into a bar to meet a guide…J Hopefully it is not the start to a bad joke! I told them I wanted it to be a social place where they felt relaxed and comfortable so they could change the location from bar to coffee shop, park, bonfire at the beach, you name it. I also told them that I wanted all of us to be there even if there was very little interaction with the others during the meditation (to just let it flow how it wanted to). As to the guide, that could be anything or anyone who shows up. We also put off the telepathic sending while we are doing this, which I totally miss. Or maybe it is my new friends in my inbox everyday that I miss. The following is the summary of my meditation when I played with it.

I don’t drink much any more but still appreciate the odd beer or margarita. I needed a break in my day and seeing how it was mid-afternoon I decided to place myself in a nice cool beer garden. I closed my eyes and found myself outside of a bar. I walked inside; it was dim and cool in there. I went to the bar along the back wall and ordered a Corona with a lime. I took my beer outside to the beer garden. It was shady and comfortable with cushioned chairs and the sound of a water fountain running. I saw the group gathered in one area and went over and sat down. I felt comfortable and relaxed. Someone proposed a “cheers” and we all clinked drinks. Everyone was calmly and quietly talking amongst themselves. I leaned my head back on my chair and closed my meditative eyes. I remembered I was supposed to meet a guide. As soon as the thought occurred I sense a tall presence walk up to me on my left. I open my meditative eyes but his body is blurred out. I get the impression of height and a purple/blue color. I ask him his name and hear “Armond”. He says he is here to guide me on the “way of the light”. I ask what kind of being he is and hear that I would call him an Extra Terrestrial. “Of course. Who else would meet me in a bar these days.” I quip.

I then feel bad about being flippant and tell him that I am sorry; that it is nice to meet him and that I am glad he is there to help. He seems to understand my bad manners and says, “It is to be expected. You have had a complete rewiring.” I see an image of the synapses in my brain being unplugged and re-plugged in a wave like fashion. No wonder I had felt so spacey for about two weeks. Well, thank God they didn’t do it all at once. As I typed that last sentence I heard, “They call that death.” LOL I bet they do!

“What is the purpose of the rewire?” I inquire. “To see better and to hear better” he says. “And how long do I have before I upgrade again?” I ask. He looks out into the distance towards the fall. (How I know he is looking toward the fall, I do not know) “So tell me about the way of the light?” I ask him. “It is a way of life and a way to reach out to others” he replies. “To communicate?” I ask. “To communicate but more — to experience, to feel, to be there” he states. “And what do you want to teach us about the way of the light?” I ask. He is talking to me at this point but he is turned so that the entire group can be included in the conversation. He is balancing a ball of light in his palm. “Whatever you wish,” he replies. “We are working on communication, as I’m sure you know.” I say. “That is why I am here.” He states. “So what do you want to teach us about communication?” I ask.

“First RELEASE. Let the energy travel how it does best.” I get an image of the instant communication between two atoms that have been separated during scientific experiments. “So it happens instantly?” I inquire. “Yes” he says. “What is number two?” “Second is TRUST. Trust that you have sent it and trust that you have received it.” I see an image of an item being sent. When it arrives at another person’s space, it flickers down through a bunch of morphs until it finishes up with what they actually receive. “So are my atoms intermingling with theirs?” I wonder. “No you are all one. But the human race sees themselves as individuals now…” he responds. Ahhh “Hence the distortion field between minds.” I realize. “What is number three?” I ask. “Third is BELIEVE.” He replies. “How is that different from trust?” I ask him. “Believe that in a short period of time for your race, that you will be communicating this way.” Generations, I think to myself, but wanting to be optimistic I say, “Decades?” “Years for those who are on the front path.” He replies. “So keep practicing,” I say. “Yes” he agrees, and he shows me an image of a send only going through three or four morphs before arriving as what is received. “So keep looking for the similarities!” I say. “Yes, you have all already figured that out.” He replies.

I ask where he is from and he say “from far away”. I ask if he is alive currently. (I don’t know why I ask that.) He says no. “So why do you identify as an ET?” I say confused. “That is what I have most experience with.” He says back. “When/If you reincarnate will you go back there?” I ask him. He says yes. “So why are you way over here playing with us humans?” I inquire with a smile. “It is all one playground.” He tells me. I thank him for coming to meet me. He tells me he is there to meet all of us and any of us can contact him. I tell him he has permission to help with any advice while I am sending or receiving. He agrees to this. I raise my glass for a final toast with everyone and then go back home.

I look up the meaning of Armond when I open my eyes. Every name site has the same meaning, something to do with a soldier. It doesn’t ring true as to what he is trying to communicate with his name. Then out of the corner of my eye, I see that one website,, has the numerology of a name. When I plug in Armond, I get this: Expression # 11 Soul Urge #7 Personality #22

Now I like Kryon’s description of what numbers mean; after a quick search I find that gives his descriptions. #11 stands for Illumination (and is a master number of course). #7 stands for Divinity Wholeness-Perfection-Learning Life. #22 stands for Master Builder-Cosmic Law (and is another master number). So WOW. I love it when that happens! Hello Armond!

For my next meditation of the week I decided to go visit Kawsh and Pim. I have not hung out with them in a while and have been wanting to check out the plants on their planet ever since I hung out with Anton on his uber camouflaged planet. I swooped down their “waterfall” feature and took the river to the waterfall in the city cavern. I hovered over the falls. I called to them and then we were all three in a triangle configuration floating in the air like skydivers. I laughed and said, “Sorry, I didn’t mean for you to meet me up here!” We float down until we land by some boulders beside the river. I ask them to show me what grows in the cave behind the volcanic vent. I hear that it is “lichen”. “Like moss?” I ask. “Similar” I hear. I ask what color it is and they take me into the cavern and show me that it is clear and jelly like. It is growing on the floor and walls. There are a couple of different kinds, some longer and thicker than others. But generally about six inches tall. I ask why it grows clear. There is sunlight in here. They tell me that the light is diffuse. That it is not like we were outside on the surface. They tell me that the light helps it grow bigger than it naturally would. I ask if there are other caves where they grow and harvest other things. We pop into a cavern with no light and there is a gentle waterfall trickling down the walls, which have this black plant growing on them. It looks like seaweed but is thicker maybe about an inch or so. It feels like cactus, minus the spines. It is about the length of my forearm and is hanging down the wall. The floor of the cavern is covered in the plants more thickly and they are standing straight up. There is a shallow pool of water on the floor which maybe helps them stand up easier. Or maybe when they grow to a certain length on the wall, gravity pulls them down. We go up to the surface and I ask them what the name of the planet is again. I have been calling it Koletash but I don’t think I have it right. Now that I can communicate better lets see what they will tell me. I don’t hear anything at first but then hear the sound of its name in a clicky chirpy sort of way. Am I hearing it in their language?!! I ask again and hear the same thing. So I ask them to tell me what the planet’s name means. “The one who grows us.” I am told. They don’t seem too happy with the word grow and think about using “develops” instead. I ask if they think of the planet as their mother and they say, “There is no gender. It has evolved past a gender.” INTERESTING!

I don’t know if you recall but they call their planet systems (yes plural) The Zone. I ask them to show me another planet in their Zone. I am suddenly on a smooth dark red planet. The ground is weird and is sucking me down but I am not stuck and can pull myself back up. But when I pull myself back up I am immediately sucked back down. The struggle doesn’t last long; I decide to go see where it wants to take me. I am then inside the planet, under the crust. The planet is hollow inside but I can feel something “strong” from the area where the center of the planet should be. It looks like a ball of light or a ball of energy of some sort. There is also a column that comes down from the ceiling and up from the floor and connects to this energy. I don’t know if they physically touch it or just get near it. It reminds me of the core of an apple. The column is thicker and arches out as it meets the crust of the planet but is very skinny compared to the size of the interior of the planet. The rest is quite slender with the energy ball in the exact center. So imagine, if you will, an apple that is hollow except for the core and the outside skin is completely intact. I ask if the planet is manufactured and they say that it is “Natural”. Well Whoa! I can feel my mind bending again! There is a city on the curve of the inner surface across from me. I am hanging from something and it is hard to focus. I can’t tell what I am hanging from or if the something is holding me. It seems to move but I can’t seem to focus on it for long. The same is true for the ball in the center and the city across the way. I can’t seem to focus on Kawsh and Pim either. I think that that is enough of a vibrational introduction for the day and send out little hearts with wings to my guys as a goodbye. I think that amuses them greatly (score!).

The next couple of days fly by and when I am going to bed one night I start thinking about meditation and how fun it is. I start thinking about how I am enjoying the new meditation game and how interesting it is to see what the others experience. Somehow this line of thinking leads me to looking up the definition of meditation. When I do that I have a startling revelation. Meditation is primarily about centering and keeping your focus on the now moment. What I am doing (and I know others do it as well) is not meditation then. Right? What the hell? Even the definition of guided meditation (which is what I thought I was doing) isn’t a fit. Guided meditation is when someone else, either in person or on a recording, helps you focus and stay in the now moment. I look up the root of the word meditation to see if that will help me. I find an online Etymology Dictionary at It has the following:
meditation (n.)  c.1200, “contemplation; devout preoccupation; devotions, prayer,” from Old French meditacion “thought, reflection, study,” and directly from Latin meditationem (nominative meditatio) “a thinking over, meditation,” noun of action from past participle stem of meditari “to meditate, think over, reflect, consider,” frequentative form from PIE root *med- “to measure, limit, consider, advise, take appropriate measures” (cognates: Greek medesthai “think about,” medon “ruler;” Latin modus “measure, manner,” modestus “moderate,” modernus “modern,” mederi “to heal,” medicus “physician;” Sanskrit midiur “I judge, estimate;” Welsh meddwl “mind, thinking;” Gothic miton, Old English metan “to measure;” also see medical).

Meaning “discourse on a subject” is early 14c.; meaning “act of meditating, continuous calm thought upon some subject” is from late 14c. The Latin verb also had stronger senses: “plan, devise, practice, rehearse, study.”

So that doesn’t really answer my question. What am I doing if I am not meditating? The closest thing I can find is this line from wikipedia.

New Age meditation evolved into a range of purposes and practices, from serenity and balance to access to other realms of consciousness to the concentration of energy in group meditation to the supreme goal of samadhi, as in the ancient yogic practice of meditation.[129] The part about accessing other realms of consciousness held the most interest to me. I am traveling to other worlds, as of late. I have traveled to different places on this world and for the better part of the last few years my meditations took me on many journeys of self-discovery and healing/clearing. I look up astral projection and astral travel. That is not what I am doing either. With both of those it is an Out Of Body Experience. While that sounds super cool, I am very conscious of the fact that I stay in my body and am present in more than one place at a time.

This is a very weird moment for me and I decide to do a “meditation” to find out more. I sit on my bed and call to someone who can best help answer my question. “If I am not meditating then what the hell am I doing?” I expect one of my friends to show up but no, that is not who I see. I see a big round belly first. (LOL) It is dressed in a brown leather-looking garment. The garment is patterned with squares and a metal rivet in each corner where the squares meet each other. The large belly is connected to a large chest and I keep looking up and see a human face with black shoulder length hair and a long black mustache. He is much bigger than me. I feel like a child next to him. (What is it with me and all the Extra Large friends that I am making?) He reminds me of an ancient Mongolian warrior in garb and appearance. He tells me that his name is Ee-Lam. The room we are in is wooden and rectangular with a white/grey stone circle in the center. He is sitting on the edge of the circle, like it is a bench. I ask if he is a soldier and he laughs and says, “No I am a guide.” I ask him my question. “What am I doing if I am not meditating right now?” He says, “It is taking what you have and spreading it about.” This is accompanied by a visual. He is holding a ball of something in his hand and he casts it out into a field of twinkling stars. He tells me that it is taking your conscience and letting it travel along with the light. “The way of the light!” I say. “Yes!” he is happy that I know about this. So that is how I can pop in to Gloria’s home as quick a shutting my eyes. A part of my consciousness is using light to go where I want it. “And that is how you communicate with someone when you are walking around going about your day and think of them.” He tells me. “What about the speed of light?” I ask him. “Intent changes the speed of light.” He replies.

“So my light travels, do they always exist in a physical place? When I meditate that I am a kite, where is that happening at?” I inquire. (I had a fun experience the night before where I did that very thing.) “Not all your travels take you to a physical place but they happen none the less. When you are a kite, you are teaching yourself expansion, sensory awareness, the ability to change your shape and learning other details about yourself, about your soul and about your current and future paths and goals (and some of your past as well).” He explains to me. “There seem to be many people exploring this way of consciousness travel.” I state. “Yes. There are many who are playing with it and a few who have mastered it.” He says. “What does a master of it do?” I ask. “Traveling physically with the light” is his response.

I tell him it is nice to meet someone whose name doesn’t start with A, like my last two new friends. (Big Smile) He laughs and says, “It is nice to meet you too little girl.” “Can I come again?” I ask him. “Always, always, you are welcome.”

I went back through my notes and found what Armond had just told me about The Way of the Light. “It is a way of life and a way to reach out to others” he replies. “To communicate?” I ask. “To communicate but more — to experience, to feel, to be there” he states. So his statement about to experience, to feel, to be there, takes on a whole new and deeper meaning when we are no longer talking just about telepathy. That is how I feel when I meditate. I may be centered and staying in the now moment—or the connection wouldn’t be taking place—but I literally do feel like I am spreading myself around. I am not necessarily calm while I do it however. I am curious, excited, confused, gob-smacked, amused, overwhelmed, sad, happy, and fascinated as each experience unfolds. Most of all, I am fascinated, fascinated, fascinated!

So am I meditating? Do we need another sub-heading or to add another branch to the definition? Maybe what others and I do has been put under meditation because it is about spiritual and personal growth. It seems to me that perhaps it is something else entirely that has grown out of the introspection of ourselves. We have expanded what our consciousness can do, and will continue to do so. I think we need a new word to describe it. Hmmmm…

Until Next Time—All My Love,


Seeding the Earth from Afar… Another Journey Unfolds.

star seeds

Here is a brand new sharing from a wonderful lady named Suzanne.  She really shows that not only do we humans have celestial origins, so do many things growing and living on earth as well.  Here is what she is learning and understanding from her star family:


Thanks to Lisa I am being guided to my connections to ET which I know have been there from as long as I can remember but due to my childhood  and adolescence   the way of communicating was pushed down from my memory.

In early 2012 I came upon a website that resonated with me and began to read listen and then join in dream flights. This was the beginning of my soul opening after so many years of knowing things but being unaware as to how and why I knew these things. Sometimes my mouth would open and out would pop a sentence that had me thinking where on earth did that spring from, or how did I know that before they did. As I moved along in my journey I came to brick walls that no matter how hard I tried I could not get through, over or around them. In saying that what would I find on the other side  if anything at all. It was much like the wall I had encased my soul in which for a time I shed in my early teens only for it to begin building again as the old trust issue raised its head once more. It has taken  me thirty five give or take years to realize that it is not trusting Humanity be they Male or Female, it is trusting in ME! that was the key that would open and eventually dismantle the walls I came into contact with.  Little did I know that as each brick came down the world I live in would change so much. What I see and feel is so far removed from what I had imagined  was the way life is and always would be. You see I began to have glimpses of universes/ worlds so unlike this one with beings of such beauty and yes very different to how we look  but the heart the center the language of light they emitted is in resonance with our own hearts our souls  and is connected to our point of origin and to this Earth.  July 23/2012 was  another day I sat to meditate and again take notes but what was different about this meditation is that I saw myself in another time and place. In this place I was an Indian of old who lived in what is today called America which in itself may not be overly strange but in this time I was also able to shape-shift. I will place this meditation journey here now before I move on.

I am sitting here but am some how transported to another time another place. I am souring high above the soft white clouds, the winds catching my great wings as I climb ever higher looking for that place the one where I was at one with all things so very long ago.

Then I sense a familiar sound , a rhythm, I begin to descend through the clouds again. I land on a ridge and look around  then I take flight again as growing on the  far side of the great mountain I spy the wild flowers of my youth .  As I land  a strange mist appears that swirls around me encasing me in an overwhelming  blanket of Love.

I begin to run feeling the warmth of the rising sun on my face, I pause for a moment  as realizations sets in, I am in Human form again. My eyes survey  the area and rest upon a well-worn path which I proceed along for about an hour. It curves to the contours of the mountain leading upward suddenly I hear a familiar sound echoing from below.  I begin to run again through the forest of Ancient trees until I come to a clearing. I stand transfixed as I look upon the beauty of  a waterfall with a large pool of crystal clear water. Her music has not altered  the rhythm untouched by time.  I move further into the clearing and look around me walking toward  steps cut from the rock I begin to ascend once more until I reach the top. I have found my place high above the plains. I sit cross-legged and drink in the many wonders I see before me.

Forward to this time  13/05 2014  My first ET session which I wont go into detail as it is specifically for my growth but two came through. One called Chief Running Bear, He was in full headdress down his back and legs.  The other Shimmering Star. What many would term a medicine women but she is much more than that. so much more. They were with me in the time long long ago when I was part of their tribe. What I now know is that we came from Lyra/vector five (Planet/Realm) this is where I will stop now and place the first mediation I have done this week.

I Have eyes of heaven playing and see myself dancing in the lush green grass as wildflowers dance on the breeze then I am laying down on the grass watching the clouds flow on the breeze, above me there is the blue sky, suddenly I am floating upward and find myself in a bubble with a button that says up but I do not get to push it. It is the notes of music flowing through  me that  begin to make  the clear bubble rise I am now sitting in into space. In the distance is a shining golden star which draws me in like a magnet where next I find myself jumping down onto the lush green landscape beneath me. It is then I notice around me are very ancient trees so tall, taller than I have ever seen. Before me in a clearing is a glass building in the shape of I want to say Pyramid but it is a Tepee on the top is an Eagle it wings spread.  Emanating from this buildings glass facets are rays of light, a rainbow spectrum. Then I hear the noise of a hawk and then see three flying above becoming me so I follow them to a large stream bordered with plants and grasses rocks trees. The colors are so lush and vibrant. I bend to place my hand in the water when I feel a sudden pull into the water. As soon as the water touches my skin I feel its essence in every pore  filling me with life with breath, waiting for me is a dolphin. I grab hold and we swim out into the center where there is another glass building. The difference here is it spans as far as my eyes can see, this one is like a dome many facets in the shape of a hive. As I swim to the, I want to say jetty but its more like a path on the water, a figure appears she smiles as I now stand before her and  says come as she links her arm through mine and leads me inside. I do not have the words to explain the view it is like I have stepped into yet another world the plants the colors as I am taking this all in I hear her say welcome to Lyra and she gestures to the land before me. There is a sound so familiar so welcoming then a rush of wind , no it’s not wind it is butterfly’s of cobalt blue so beautiful . It is then I raise my hands upward and from my palms come crystal bubbles rainbows fly out from them and merge with the lands and within me a surge flows upward and I am transformed into an eagle and fly high above the land viewing it as I have viewed it before and as I reach the ocean I transform into human form again diving deep beneath the waters to swim with the dolphins who are waiting. In the distance I see a mountain the rocks shimmer as if lit with gold and bronze. I am helped out of the water by another who is an Indian brave I thank him and begin to climb to the ridge above where I sit and before me is Chief running Bear. It is then he begins to speak.
When you sit upon the mountain  you hear the heartbeat of the land as it hears the heartbeat that is you. It is through the heartbeat that when you walk upon the ground it becomes fertile for it is linked to you as you are linked to it. The heart song speaks of the time of long ago this was and is the song of Love, of light. The feminine is the womb of life and the Masculine is the seed of life you cannot have one without the other, to do so means life does not exist. It is so of all living things all are bound to the law of one for they cannot exist outside of it. Many life times ago we traveled to The Earth to help seed it with life along with others. The plants and trees are from many other planets bought here to give a variety of beings a feeling of home a connection to the land, to where they came from. It is so with the animals that have also walked and swum and crawled upon the Earth that you at this point in time find yourself. The ancient city walls and writings depict plant life and animal life. They are within the ceremonies, depicted on their clothes along with specific colors and  symbols.The balance of life needs to be addressed and it is through what you know that needs to brought out into the open. The language of light must again flow forth. Within your hands you have healing it has always been there and as the days flow you feel the heat intensifying not just in your hands but your feet also. This is the grounding to the heart of Earth the Heart of home as I speak you feel the vibration on the souls of your feet. You are unsure of my words but you see the Hawk always when you travel and the last time you saw three am I right. (Yes my daughter even commented on there being three and wanted to know what her totem animal was, to which I told her I do not know all I do know is that the hawk has always been with me.) I have heard the drum beats only once as I drifted to sleep why can’t I hear them now? I am tired so I am going to stop. I still wonder if what flows from my fingers along with my head is right but all I hear in my mind is trust you must trust in you and then you will know.