Seeding the Earth from Afar… Another Journey Unfolds.

star seeds

Here is a brand new sharing from a wonderful lady named Suzanne.  She really shows that not only do we humans have celestial origins, so do many things growing and living on earth as well.  Here is what she is learning and understanding from her star family:


Thanks to Lisa I am being guided to my connections to ET which I know have been there from as long as I can remember but due to my childhood  and adolescence   the way of communicating was pushed down from my memory.

In early 2012 I came upon a website that resonated with me and began to read listen and then join in dream flights. This was the beginning of my soul opening after so many years of knowing things but being unaware as to how and why I knew these things. Sometimes my mouth would open and out would pop a sentence that had me thinking where on earth did that spring from, or how did I know that before they did. As I moved along in my journey I came to brick walls that no matter how hard I tried I could not get through, over or around them. In saying that what would I find on the other side  if anything at all. It was much like the wall I had encased my soul in which for a time I shed in my early teens only for it to begin building again as the old trust issue raised its head once more. It has taken  me thirty five give or take years to realize that it is not trusting Humanity be they Male or Female, it is trusting in ME! that was the key that would open and eventually dismantle the walls I came into contact with.  Little did I know that as each brick came down the world I live in would change so much. What I see and feel is so far removed from what I had imagined  was the way life is and always would be. You see I began to have glimpses of universes/ worlds so unlike this one with beings of such beauty and yes very different to how we look  but the heart the center the language of light they emitted is in resonance with our own hearts our souls  and is connected to our point of origin and to this Earth.  July 23/2012 was  another day I sat to meditate and again take notes but what was different about this meditation is that I saw myself in another time and place. In this place I was an Indian of old who lived in what is today called America which in itself may not be overly strange but in this time I was also able to shape-shift. I will place this meditation journey here now before I move on.

I am sitting here but am some how transported to another time another place. I am souring high above the soft white clouds, the winds catching my great wings as I climb ever higher looking for that place the one where I was at one with all things so very long ago.

Then I sense a familiar sound , a rhythm, I begin to descend through the clouds again. I land on a ridge and look around  then I take flight again as growing on the  far side of the great mountain I spy the wild flowers of my youth .  As I land  a strange mist appears that swirls around me encasing me in an overwhelming  blanket of Love.

I begin to run feeling the warmth of the rising sun on my face, I pause for a moment  as realizations sets in, I am in Human form again. My eyes survey  the area and rest upon a well-worn path which I proceed along for about an hour. It curves to the contours of the mountain leading upward suddenly I hear a familiar sound echoing from below.  I begin to run again through the forest of Ancient trees until I come to a clearing. I stand transfixed as I look upon the beauty of  a waterfall with a large pool of crystal clear water. Her music has not altered  the rhythm untouched by time.  I move further into the clearing and look around me walking toward  steps cut from the rock I begin to ascend once more until I reach the top. I have found my place high above the plains. I sit cross-legged and drink in the many wonders I see before me.

Forward to this time  13/05 2014  My first ET session which I wont go into detail as it is specifically for my growth but two came through. One called Chief Running Bear, He was in full headdress down his back and legs.  The other Shimmering Star. What many would term a medicine women but she is much more than that. so much more. They were with me in the time long long ago when I was part of their tribe. What I now know is that we came from Lyra/vector five (Planet/Realm) this is where I will stop now and place the first mediation I have done this week.

I Have eyes of heaven playing and see myself dancing in the lush green grass as wildflowers dance on the breeze then I am laying down on the grass watching the clouds flow on the breeze, above me there is the blue sky, suddenly I am floating upward and find myself in a bubble with a button that says up but I do not get to push it. It is the notes of music flowing through  me that  begin to make  the clear bubble rise I am now sitting in into space. In the distance is a shining golden star which draws me in like a magnet where next I find myself jumping down onto the lush green landscape beneath me. It is then I notice around me are very ancient trees so tall, taller than I have ever seen. Before me in a clearing is a glass building in the shape of I want to say Pyramid but it is a Tepee on the top is an Eagle it wings spread.  Emanating from this buildings glass facets are rays of light, a rainbow spectrum. Then I hear the noise of a hawk and then see three flying above becoming me so I follow them to a large stream bordered with plants and grasses rocks trees. The colors are so lush and vibrant. I bend to place my hand in the water when I feel a sudden pull into the water. As soon as the water touches my skin I feel its essence in every pore  filling me with life with breath, waiting for me is a dolphin. I grab hold and we swim out into the center where there is another glass building. The difference here is it spans as far as my eyes can see, this one is like a dome many facets in the shape of a hive. As I swim to the, I want to say jetty but its more like a path on the water, a figure appears she smiles as I now stand before her and  says come as she links her arm through mine and leads me inside. I do not have the words to explain the view it is like I have stepped into yet another world the plants the colors as I am taking this all in I hear her say welcome to Lyra and she gestures to the land before me. There is a sound so familiar so welcoming then a rush of wind , no it’s not wind it is butterfly’s of cobalt blue so beautiful . It is then I raise my hands upward and from my palms come crystal bubbles rainbows fly out from them and merge with the lands and within me a surge flows upward and I am transformed into an eagle and fly high above the land viewing it as I have viewed it before and as I reach the ocean I transform into human form again diving deep beneath the waters to swim with the dolphins who are waiting. In the distance I see a mountain the rocks shimmer as if lit with gold and bronze. I am helped out of the water by another who is an Indian brave I thank him and begin to climb to the ridge above where I sit and before me is Chief running Bear. It is then he begins to speak.
When you sit upon the mountain  you hear the heartbeat of the land as it hears the heartbeat that is you. It is through the heartbeat that when you walk upon the ground it becomes fertile for it is linked to you as you are linked to it. The heart song speaks of the time of long ago this was and is the song of Love, of light. The feminine is the womb of life and the Masculine is the seed of life you cannot have one without the other, to do so means life does not exist. It is so of all living things all are bound to the law of one for they cannot exist outside of it. Many life times ago we traveled to The Earth to help seed it with life along with others. The plants and trees are from many other planets bought here to give a variety of beings a feeling of home a connection to the land, to where they came from. It is so with the animals that have also walked and swum and crawled upon the Earth that you at this point in time find yourself. The ancient city walls and writings depict plant life and animal life. They are within the ceremonies, depicted on their clothes along with specific colors and  symbols.The balance of life needs to be addressed and it is through what you know that needs to brought out into the open. The language of light must again flow forth. Within your hands you have healing it has always been there and as the days flow you feel the heat intensifying not just in your hands but your feet also. This is the grounding to the heart of Earth the Heart of home as I speak you feel the vibration on the souls of your feet. You are unsure of my words but you see the Hawk always when you travel and the last time you saw three am I right. (Yes my daughter even commented on there being three and wanted to know what her totem animal was, to which I told her I do not know all I do know is that the hawk has always been with me.) I have heard the drum beats only once as I drifted to sleep why can’t I hear them now? I am tired so I am going to stop. I still wonder if what flows from my fingers along with my head is right but all I hear in my mind is trust you must trust in you and then you will know.

2 thoughts on “Seeding the Earth from Afar… Another Journey Unfolds.

  1. Thank you Lisa for sharing that beautiful journey from Suzanne. She really spoke her truth and honesty of her journey. I felt from her words she has really found herself. It was so personal and i thank her for sharing.
    Maybe one day you will get to share my adventures with “Dino”.
    May the Force be with us.💓
    Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2014 13:07:50 +0000


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