Joining All the Galaxies Together In One Place for Expression.

ET studies us too.

This is a blog I could have never ever foreseen myself putting together.  Until March 2014 I really had no affinity to our friends in the skies.  Don’t get me wrong, I know they are there, my spiritual team early on was filled with amazing Pleiadians.

With all the shifting this earth has been going thru, the intense light quota that now is permeating this sphere of existence, within our own expanding consciousness, it has allowed a much easier reach thru the stars for connections.

For those who may read this and am not familiar with me or what I do, I am a spiritual reader.  This March, something massive changed in the field of readings, ET’s started showing up in droves to be seen and connected with.  To the point some started hijacking the entire reading, wanting so much to connect to whomever I was reading for.  I also started realizing, if the person didn’t make contact between readings, they showed up again.

I realized that some folks may need a little help securing their connection with their friends from the stars so I decided to put together a package to help facilitate and strengthen their connection.  Setting myself up as a go between has been an incredibly enlightening  journey and I am learning so much about our interplanetary friends and heart-felt desires from them to not only connect, but help assist directly with our evolution forward.

Many are looking to enhance our own spiritual skill sets, bring us forward in what we are able to do.  It is so time to become more than we ever realized we could be.

But, I am also learning, nothing is ever one way, not even with our friends from the stars.  They are equally learning many things from us for their own evolution as well.

I find this new journey I am (we are) on, one of the most humbling parts of my entire adventure on this crazy, exciting spiritual expansion we are all on.

Our friends and family from the stars come to us with excitement, with love, with eagerness to connect and they are doing all they can to make that happen, especially now.   I am also finding, there is connections that await any human who so desires to connect.  Altho I LOVE being the go between for the connections, you do not need me at all.  I have created a written meditation exercise to launch you into the outer atmospheres of earth to other worlds of existence where you have friends waiting for you.  This Medication to connect will be a link at the top of this blog (where home and about is located) as soon as I figure out how to get it there!! lol

I am going to use this blog for sharing what I am learning about our star family and most importantly, what YOU have learned from them as well.  Please email me your stories of connections and experiences and I will weave them into the sharings of this blog.  My email address is

Please bear with me as I grow this blog and add sections as I figure out how.  I will be back again to get the sharing of interaction from our star family rolling soon.

Please follow the journey as it unfolds and even more than that, please share you experiences with us too!!

With so much love and honor for those who dare to go where very few on this planet have ever gone to before!!

Lisa Gawlas