ET Meditation

Close your eyes and imagine you are out in an open field, green grass as tall as your knees, wildflowers growing everywhere.  Feel the vibrancy of the earth, of the grass and flowers growing from the earth.  Take a deep breath in and smell the aroma’s dancing around your nose, tickling you as the essence enters your airways.

Take a long moment to enjoy the new energy of earth moving into you.
As you feel the essence start to move thru your veins, suddenly you become aware that you are now inside an elevator.  A very special elevator that was created just for you.  It moves upwards at your emotional prompting.  Feel the joy of the floral essence within you and with your heart energy, hit the first button that says up….
Feel the shifting under your feet as the elevator moves from the earth and starts to take you upwards….  feel the energy in your body change as you move slowly upwards, higher and higher.
Now become aware of the inside of this elevator, notice it looks and feels like nothing you ever seen before… it is made of energy, pure energy that you can see thru.  As you move higher, you can see the earth way below you, the clouds starting to become below you, then the night sky… and the stars… ohhhh how many bright stars there are all around you.
As you are gazing at the vast beauty of the starry sky, you notice on star in particular that seems to twinkle brighter than all the others, it gets larger in your view.  Feel the energy of your heart move out and press the button that says “family.”  Now feel your elevator start to move across the sky, towards that bright light.  The closer you get to the light, the more it looks like a planet, a new world for you to explore.
As your elevator aligns with this planet and opens its door for you to step onto this planet, notice the sign that says “welcome back to….”  Just beneath those words will be written where you are, the name of the planet you came back home to.
Feel the energy beneath your feet, how does this planet feel as you walk upon it.  How is your energy changing as you walk towards the area now coming into view that says “reception area.”
Move into the reception area and there will be a Being waiting for you.  What does he or she look like, feel like.  This Being is now walking towards you, beaming with joy as he or she moves closer and closer….
Now send  a telepathic message to your new friend, introducing yourself and allowing them to introduce themselves to you.
Spend time in telepathic conversation, getting to know him or her.  Let it flow just like a new friendship would flow.
Do not use the elevator to go back to earth, you are establishing a constant connection thru these moments.  When you are finished, just intend to be back in your body and you will be.
Use the elevator each time you revisit your new friend, until you no longer need the elevator, you are just there in connection.
Have fun!!!
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